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  1. htcman724

    Root sprint hotspot

    i have a ver 4 evo and its rooted running the stock rom and kernal is there a way to get the sprint hot spot to work? i'm using barnical wifi tether now but would really like to use the hotspot app.
  2. htcman724

    Help camera sound?

    is there a way to get rid of the shutter sound when using the camera but not making my phone silent?
  3. htcman724

    Help wireless tether working 2.1

    ok so the over at sdx got it working here you go..Confirmed wireless tethering need testers. just got it installed and works great better than ever before.
  4. htcman724

    Help looking for sprint voicemail app

    ok so i out a custom rom om my gf moment and she uses the voicemail app i deleated it and not can find the apk.could someone plz post it.
  5. htcman724

    Help 2.1 live wallpapers?

    ok so i jusmped to the official 2.1 and nolonger have live wallpapers what am i missing i have some of them installed including one i bought and redownloaded from the market and can't get any of them on my moment.
  6. htcman724

    Help any way to brick?

    just wondering if there is a way to brick the moment?before anyone gets upset i am just wondering not actually going to do it!!!!!!!!! its just eveything i have read suggests that like the palm pre the moment can't be bricked i have had the pre,the moment ,and the i did brick a couple...
  7. htcman724

    Help how to tether using wifi on 2.1

    ok so i got wifi tethering working just by using the barnicle app.its in the app market and also free. i'm running 2.1 dd10 with joery recovery v6 tested it out and works great.
  8. htcman724

    Help looking for an app

    was just wondering if anyone would be able to make an app for cable dvr like the one directv has? i would really like to see something like this and i think it can be done as i can program my dvr from my computer but not always do i have it with if someone could come up with one i would...
  9. htcman724

    Help ok so you went to 2.1 and now can't find your paid apps...

    ok so i went to 2.1 and couldn't find some of my paid apps so heres what i did i flashed back to 1.5 rooted did a back up then took the back up and put it on my computer inside the backup there are 2 files app and private app inside there you will find the apk and zip files the both need to be...
  10. htcman724

    Help need to save an app

    ok so i flashed to 2.1 really liked it but couldn't get my paid lotto ticket app in the market the free version is there and another app i purchased is there but not this one so i went back to 1.5 rooted now is there anyway that i can save the app on either my sdcard or my comp. so i can just...
  11. htcman724

    Help 2.1 question

    ok so i put 2.1 on my moment and enjoying it so far only thing i miss from 1.5 is wifi there a fix for it yet or has noone figured it out yet?
  12. htcman724

    Help sprint updater ?

    ok so i have been trying to get this to work with no sucess at all.i have done all the steps but for some reason i get to the download screen and it just stops.i read in a nother post to use the updater in compat.xp mode i'm running windows 7 64 bit.that didn,t help i installed all drivers...
  13. htcman724

    Root rooting help plz

    ok so i am trying to use the swu and i get the whole way to the end and when it says download i click the button and then get a popup that says e-dll cannot open usb serial port.code 87 what the **** is this mean
  14. htcman724

    Root confused and need some help rooting

    ok so i have been reading and just don't get this i had a tp and flashed the hell out of it then went to the palm pre and had it rooted but for some reason i just can't get my moment to root i have the kernals already downloaded have sprint updater downloaded and installed i really want to use...
  15. htcman724

    new football app for sprint

    ok so the new sprint football app should be available 4/1 according to the sprint website.not real sure if we will be able to download it or have to take it into a store.
  16. htcman724

    Help might be a dumb question but

    i new to the moment and have been reading alot of the threads here and now i have a question with 2.1 update comming sooner or later when it does will we have to take the moment into a sprint store to have it on our phones and if so how will we know that its even out "besides here"
  17. htcman724

    Help extended battery

    ok so i searched and couldn't find anything .is there an extended battery for the moment?i installed task killer and a battery app and the batter last only a little over 6 hrs thats pathetic!!!!! was wondering if anyone has found an extended battery yet.
  18. htcman724

    new here but been around the block a few times

    hello everyone new here coming fro the palm pre and touch pro both which i had rooted and flashed.take care and see you in the forums.