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  1. Gorilla*

    What's the best size tablet for school?

    I'm a college student and want a tablet to use for notes at school.. but I can't decide what size would be best.. 7 inch 8 inch 9 or 10 inch...
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    Incredible 2

    Looking to buy an Inc2. I prefer that it is 9.9/10 condition. Please send what you have my way.
  3. Gorilla*

    HTC Droid Incredible

    225 OBO 9.9/10 Condition Cased the whole time Comes with Phone, Battery, 1500 Mah HTC extra battery, Charger, Original box, Seidio Surface Case, White HTC battery Door Case Mate Barely there Case
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    I want a job in IT

    I would like some people to contact me regarding jobs. I cant find one, and am tired of searching job postings and applying. Anyone out there know of jobs, and care to make contact?
  5. Gorilla*

    why would they leave 4g support out of the inc2?

    i love my inc and 3g seems plenty fast but why would they not just toss an lte chip in there? this make me go for the thunderbolt instead
  6. Gorilla*

    HTC Incredible

    250.00 OBO Hey all, My Incredible is for sale. Comes with Phone, Stock 1300 battery OEM 1500 HTC Battery (fits in stock battery door) White and black OEM battery doors Charger, Original Box, 2 Gig Micro SD card. The phone is also rooted and has the latest Cyanogen mod on it. Its...
  7. Gorilla*

    Root Please help me load CM7 Nightlies

    Ok... Im having major trouble getting back to this rom. I bought my incredible off someone, and it came with CM7 Nightly installed... Then i tried going back to stock, and I did.,... but now I cant get back to CM7 Nightly.... I tossed the rom on the SD card, named it, and...
  8. Gorilla*

    Root How to Return my incredible to Stock?

    I know this probably has been asked several times, but I just bought an incredible off the forums that is rooted, and is coming with Cyanogen Mod 7 Nightlies installed.. I wanna take it back to stock.. Link to a step by step please? Thanks
  9. Gorilla*

    WTB: Droid Incredible

    Looking to buy a droid Incredible, contact me if you have one for sale. thanks.
  10. Gorilla*

    Help Will T-bolt work on Alltel SmartPack Plan?

    Im thinking of jumping on my friends Alltel Smartpack Plan to get a thunderbolt... Currently I have a Bold 9650 on Sprint... Do u all think that it will be compatible with this plan?
  11. Gorilla*

    Should I keep my evo?

    So I just picked up a second line and I love the evo... but I have a blackberry and I dont think u can afford 2 lines. Wow this phone is fast way better than my blackberry
  12. Gorilla*

    Keep my BB Bold 9650 or get the Evo 4G?

    So, I am looking for some input here. Heres my story: I started my android Career on Verizon on the HTC Incredible, which I liked very much, but the battery life was Abysmal. I chose to return it before the 30 days was up. I switched to Sprint, to take advantage of the cheaper price plans...
  13. Gorilla*

    Help Can Someone Rip the Original Droid Incredible Ringtones?

    I want all the HTC ringtones that come stock on the Incredible... Can anyone rip them and post a download to them? Thanks
  14. Gorilla*

    Htc Friendstream app keeps crashing help

    my friendstream widget on my incredible wont let me get into the settings.. every timE I try to go to settings it force closes and I want to get In there to add Twitter friends etc... any thoughts? Any way to delete app and reinstall?
  15. Gorilla*

    Keep the Incredible or wait on Moto Shadow and Droid 2?

    Very very tough choice for me... I like my Incredible but it seems every few months the hardware is being eclipsed... the shadow should be an Incredible with a bigger screen and the droid 2 will retain the slide out qwerty.... I think Im gonna dump my incredible and then wait to see what...
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    Anyone want my Incredible?

  17. Gorilla*

    Anyone want my Incredible?

    I can't promise you a swanky discount like Verizon or a Reseller could, but for people wanting an Incredible now, and don't wanna wait I thought I would offer it up for sale. Its in Excellent condition, in a silicone case from verizon..
  18. Gorilla*

    Help Why is the messaging app so slow?

    Anyone else experience this? It's one of the only apps that consistently lags....
  19. Gorilla*

    Bored with Incredible, may go to a dumbphone or Blackberry..

    So,, I definately think Im obsessed with phones.. I spend way to much time reading forums, and on it... But after 20 days with my Incredible im over it... Don't get me wrong, its an awesome device and it does everything really well.... I love it.. but hate it at the same time... It drives me...
  20. Gorilla*

    Any Incredible owners jealous of the Evo 4G?

    I definitely am a tad jealous of Its massive screen.. the video calling and 4g...... I also wish the incredible could record in 720p like the evo.... Do u think its possible the incredible will get 720p in an update later? I realize u can never have the best because better phones...
  21. Gorilla*

    Why I might return my Incredible.

    Ok, So I have had the phone for 2 weeks now and here are my observations. 1. As it has been said countless times, the battery is barely adequate.. I can barely make it through the day and that is with what I consider moderate use. 2. Android OS is very unstable in my opinion. Many many many...
  22. Gorilla*

    Help all my apps keep force closing

    Several apps keep closing as I use phone? Any fix
  23. Gorilla*

    I scratched the ring around my camera

    I got a tiny nick on the ring surrounding my incredible camera.. I dont know how, I have the silicone black case on it from verizon that rests just above the camera... Really pissing me off.. How could this happen if the case is 1 mm higher than the camera ring/lens? I have nothing in my...
  24. Gorilla*

    My Incredible has random slowdowns

  25. Gorilla*

    Help My Incredible has random slowdowns

    Anyone else experience this? This morning i booted the phone and when sliding between panels it was slightly slow and laggy compared to normal operation. Some of my chat programs were laggy as well. It seem to have fixed itself now but it was odd. I use task killer and there wasn't much running...