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  1. Veritas4420

    Help Video can't be played

    I just started having a problem when I record videos. After anything I record, after I try and play the video it will not play. I've deleted the cache out of the camera and that did not work. Anyone happen to have any ideas to fix this issue?
  2. Veritas4420

    Help Note 3 Start displays "Custom"

    I restarted my N3 this morning and for the first time ever, the reboot screen displayed image across the the bottom that said "Customer" and displayed an unlocked padlock. My Note 3 is not rooted and the only thing ive downloaded outside of the play store is the Hangout and google services APKs...
  3. Veritas4420

    DaileySteals-$8 S-View cases

    Not sure if anyone saw this. Icemonkey: Deals 'Till Sold Out: Electronics, Home & Garden, Jewelry, Toys & More S-View cases for Note2, S4, and S3.
  4. Veritas4420

    Help Random ad videos showing in gallery.

    I tried searching but I could only find info of people with ads in the notification bar. I recently started getting random game ad videos in my Gallery. I tried two different ad detectors and even uninstalled all the apps I downloaded since I started getting them. Any other ideas?
  5. Veritas4420

    Why no NFC in the battery?

    Why is the NFC in the S3 and S4 in the battery while the Note2 and N3 have it in the cover? Tried googling but couldn't find any good info.
  6. Veritas4420

    Zooming while recording

    I just noticed that the Note 3 will focus recording sound on where you zoom while recording video. I tried it and couldn't really tell how well it worked. Has anyone tried this before?
  7. Veritas4420

    Galaxy S4 139.99+$50 Gift Card.

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Nebraska Furniture Mart lowered the price of the S4 to 139.99 and you get a $50 Gift card. 32GB for AT&T is priced at 179.99
  8. Veritas4420

    WiFi Direct is awesome!

    I had my phone replaced by ATT because of a faulty charging port and was a little worried about transferring all of the content that wasn't saved to my SD card. I had about 8gb worth of files to transfer and with WiFi direct it only took around 10 minutes!
  9. Veritas4420

    Help Where to check for water damage?

    We had a pretty bad snow storm a couple weeks ago and had to get out and push my car a couple times but didn't think my phone got wet. Suddenly my phone is having trouble charging. I can get it to charge but it takes a bit. I tried youtube and google, but I have only found the water mark on the...
  10. Veritas4420

    Back in stock!

    Smart Docks are back in stock but once again very limited. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Docking: Cell Phones & Accessories
  11. Veritas4420

    Just received my $10 note 2 giftcard

    Took the note 2 survey and my giftcard just arrived! Wasnt sure if it was legit at first.
  12. Veritas4420

    Stock messaging app help

    So I accidentally deleted the stock messaging app and it seems I am now unable to get picture messages. Anyone have any idea how I could get that back? hoping to not have to factory reset.
  13. Veritas4420

    Note 2 randomly displaying checking sd card.

    Over the past two days I have noticed my N2 will randomly display it is preparing/checking sd card for errors. The sd card has not been removed or anything. Anyone ever had that happen or have any insight on what could be the problem?
  14. Veritas4420

    Help Videos posting upsidedown

    I tried to search but couldnt find anything, I recorded some videos last night at Mayhem Fest and whenever i upload them they are upside down. On the phone they show up fine but when i upload via facebook or youtube they are upside down....anyone have any ideas how to fix this?