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  1. amlothi

    Problems with KitKat update

    I'm experiencing a problem with the dialer app since the Kit Kat update. When I first open the app and touch the number pad icon (center button at bottom of the app) I get a blank white space. Only on a second attempt does it work properly. The issue is repeatable - if I go to recent apps and...
  2. amlothi

    Expand touchless control with Tasker

    I just found this and tried a couple simple ones so far and it works flawlessly. For those that use Tasker, you can download a plugin called Tasker App Factory (free). It allows you to export a Tasker profile as an App you can then install and run separately. For example, I wanted to be...
  3. amlothi

    wrist shake to launch camera app

    Is there any way to have it launch a different camera app?
  4. amlothi

    Help Question about volume settings on MotoX

    I'm disappointed in the number of volume sliders (only 3) available on the MotoX. For example, there doesn't appear to be a way to set a different volume level for notifications vs ring tones on this device (as I could on my previous phone). Does anyone know how to do this? Second, has anyone...
  5. amlothi

    3G Data Only SIM in Europe

    I did some searching but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. I have the European version of the HTC Desire, but I want to buy a SIM card for data while traveling for about a month. Will be in 6 different countries. What is the best provider / service to purchase? Do any of them offer...
  6. amlothi

    Market Force Close Problem

    Hi all, I have a P1010 tablet (Chinese version) that came without Google core apps, including no Android market. I have rooted it and installed the core apps I need. Gmail works. Talk works. Maps works. However, I am struggling with the market. The market app recognizes the device and...
  7. amlothi

    Root Help - Can't install Android market

    Hi all, I have a Wifi only tab. It didn't have the market installed. I've rooted, and I've copied the vending.apk file into the system/apps folder. When I try to install it, I get a message that it was not installed. That's it. I've tried different versions of the vending.apk file, and...
  8. amlothi

    Root GingerVillain LED Problem?

    The GV 2.8 change log has this: Kernel update to fix led problem (ManU needs an update) What was the LED problem? If I flash GV 2.8, and then flash the ManU kernel I've been using, will it cause a problem?
  9. amlothi

    Open PDF in Adobe app?

    I would like to know how to get PDF files to open in the Adobe app instead of automatically trying to open them in Google Docs. It's annoying that my browser (Dolphin) automatically goes to Google Docs instead of just opening the file in the proper app.
  10. amlothi

    Root Contact Storage data deleted?

    Had my phone on and charging overnight. Somehow, between yesterday and today, my contact storage data was deleted. I had no contacts on my phone when I woke up this morning. I haven't changed anything or downloaded anything recently except a Google Maps update. Running GingerVillain. Using...
  11. amlothi

    Desire physical buttons difficult to press

    Hi all, Tried searching but didn't find anything about this. I've had my Desire for about a year. Recently, I've noticed that the physical buttons have become difficult to press. What I mean is, they aren't sensitive anymore and I have to press them quite hard to get them to work. It only...
  12. amlothi

    Would you trust this app? A.I.type

    There was a post in this forum by a user called Broto25 attempting to trade positive reviews with other developers. That post has since been edited to remove the name of the application, and was locked by a moderator. The app in question is: Market...
  13. amlothi

    LeBron James' iPhone

  14. amlothi

    Root Annoying thing because of GV themes

    Hoping one of you has seen this and fixed it. I am running Gingervillain. I only had this problem now that I started playing with theme manager and switching themes. (On the default, before having switched themes, it was fine.) Now, at the bottom of the home screen where I have the 3...
  15. amlothi

    Android Mail App Battery and Wake

    Running latest version of Gingervillain. Have 2 accounts setup in Android default Mail application. One is set to refresh "never" and the other is an Exchange account setup for "Push". Most days, I never see the Mail app on my battery usage screen - and I'm connected to Wifi most of the time...
  16. amlothi

    Root GV 2.1 Black Screen problem

    Flashed GV 2.1 straight from GV 1.6. Now I'm having a strange problem. In some apps, when I am moving forward (i.e., not moving backward - hitting a submit button or a link) I'll end up with a black screen. The app isn't frozen, because the back button will get me back and then it usually...
  17. amlothi

    Root 2D App Drawer / Add Languages to GV

    Hi everyone, I have just flashed my first ROM (GV 1.4) and it seems to be working well. Thanks to all on this board for your help. Two questions: 1) How to get rid of the 3D App Drawer? I tried going into Villain Setup and downloading/installing the 2D app drawer application listed...
  18. amlothi

    Root Rooting to remove apps

    Hi everyone, I am considering rooting my phone. I'm hoping you can give me some information to help make that decision. I've read the procedures and many threads, so I have some idea what I'm getting into. I have an unlocked unbranded Desire (purchased online, no warranty). I like HTC...
  19. amlothi

    In light of recent events...

    ... if you aren't outraged, you should be. William Rivers Pitt | The Wrath of Fools: An Open Letter to the Far Right
  20. amlothi

    Google Maps - Battery Usage reported incorrectly

    HI all, I've seen several mentions on this in other threads, but no solution. I was hoping to start a thread specifically on this to see if anyone has figured this out. The problem: Google Maps shows up in the battery usage as close to 100%, even if only used briefly. Background: I have an...
  21. amlothi

    Problems Sharing via Text Message

    Hi all, I am using the stock HTC messaging app. I am able to send normal text messages (that I type myself) and they work perfectly. However, I am unable to share things by SMS to my friends who also have Android phones. For example, I wanted to share an app with a friend. I went to...
  22. amlothi

    Looking for unread message / missed call widget

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a widget that shows the number of missed calls / text messages / emails? I would prefer something that is text only. If not, does anyone know a widget that can display text from a file on the SD card? I could probably figure out how to use Tasker to...
  23. amlothi

    Google Places (old version)

    Does anyone know where I can find the old version of the google places directory standalone app? I don't like the new one integrated with maps. I can't figure out how to set a location other than my current location when searching places. I guess if someone can tell me how to search for...
  24. amlothi

    Input Text using Handwriting

    A friend of mine has a Chinese branded HTC Tattoo. That phone has a really cool input method where you can "draw" the letters on the screen. The version i have seen handles English and Chinese characters transparently without needing to switch input methods. Does anyone know if this is...
  25. amlothi

    HTC Mail App and Unread Count

    I have an HTC Desire with HTC sense. I use the included mail app for two different accounts (non-gmail). On my home screen, I have shortcuts to each mailbox. However, for some reason the unread count is always the same on the two shortcuts. (I get a new message in Account A, and both...