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  1. callmeox

    Help (VZW) Squishy power button

    The power buton on my launch day Gnex is getting squshier every day and is nearly flush with the phone chassis. To me it is a manufacturing I contact Sammy or VZW for a replacement? I would hope that it is covered by the 1 year mfg warranty. Any tips or stories of past successes...
  2. callmeox

    4.0.4 rolling out for HSPA+ GNex

    From the @android twitter feed a few moments ago: We
  3. callmeox

    Help PRL and signal issues

    Are any other former Alltel subs with an Inc on an Alltel plan having connectivity issues when outside of your home area? I am currently running with PRL 40067. I was out of state last weekend and my Inc was giving me fits. No internet access when the 3G icon was up, but I could get some...
  4. callmeox

    Help Supported formats for Music player

    My Vonage account sends me a .wav copy of each voice message via email and I used to be able to listen to them on my Dinc. Since the 2.2 update rolled in, I get an error indicating that the format is not supported. The common question since Froyo is the same here: Is this just my phone or...
  5. callmeox

    Help Trim listings in phone book

    Is there a way to remove specific entries in the default phone book on the Dinc? If you have multiple phone numbers entered for a contact, all of them appear as as option for sending a text message. I would like to remove the "send message" entry for all non-mobile numbers. I see that...