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  1. Artemis68

    Help LED color and font change? (2 ques)

    Okay, first is the do I change the default font on the G2? I have looked EVERYWHERE but can't find the option. I know you can do this on a Vibrant so I don't know why this feature isn't on the G2...or maybe I'm missing something? Also, is there anyway to get color LED notifications...
  2. Artemis68

    It sends emails 2x automatically!

    Now, I have 2 email accounts on my is my gmail account and the other is my college account (that's in the email app). Now I logged onto the accounts (both of them) via the web on my PC to check them out. My College email is gmail-enabled or whatever. I noticed that in my (IMAP - sent)...
  3. Artemis68

    g2 wifi calling/hotspot ota???

    I'm really skeptical, has anyone actually gotten this? Its supposed to be released today. I haven't seen the ota yet..grr I am so impatient. Is there anyway to check for updates other than refreshing the update software box in the settings?
  4. Artemis68

    Help SMS keeps shutting down (g2)

    I'm really at my wit's end with this one! My SMS/MMS keeps shutting down. When I use the native app, I get this " (or whatever) has stopped" and then I have to force shutdown. I started using Handcent, thinking it would fix the problem. It didn't. This time, the handcent app...
  5. Artemis68

    G2 case and putting apps on SD card?

    I have two "n00bish" questions, so I apologize. :D 1) I have a T-Mobile G2. I got this nifty T-Mobile "gel" case for it. It's actually a hard case with 2 pieces. works great. I just got another case though that's similar and it's blue. I'd like to switch them off but I can't for the life of me...
  6. Artemis68

    Help G2 and EAP-TTLS (PAP) wifi

    My college has a REALLY weird wifi security thing going. Basically, it's 802.11x EAP-TTLS with PAP inner security. The wifi network does show up on my G2 but it's showing as having "WEP" security, which isn't really true because it's the one I stated above. Any way that I can connect? I...
  7. Artemis68

    Hi everyone! (New Android user here)

    Hello! My name's Katherine. I'm new to Android. I'm getting a G2 from T-Mobile. I've had T-Mobile for a while...I'm coming from a Blackberry 9700. I was a Sidekick user, then Blackberry for a long time, now Android. Can't wait for the G2.