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  1. crump

    Root Evo Shift Gingerbread Root/hboot downgrade

    UPDATE: You can now downgrade your hboot and use the old froyo root method. Hboot information and downgrading - xda-developers The steps include 1. Temp root using Fr3vo 2. Exploit the hboot with the misc.img 3. RUU back to froyo 4. Root using the Froyo method EDIT: This method is...
  2. crump

    Root [List] EVO Shift ROMs & Kernels

    I posted this over in another forum but thought I would share it. Hope this helps someone. Alright guys, this is just a rough list of the available ROM's and Kernels for the Evo Shift. Thought it might be a little easier to put them all in one place. I did leave off a few older ROM's and...