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  1. SoulTerror

    Help Roll back to 4.1.1?

    We have a Razr Maxx at work that ever since it was updated to 4.1.2 has been having a bunch of issues. It got so bad the user had to reboot daily. I'm trying to find out if there is a way to roll it back to 4.1.1? From the Google searching I've been doing there does not appear to be a way to do...
  2. SoulTerror

    Help Keeps freezing

    Is anyone else having issues with their A500 freezing up on them? I've only had mine for a week now and it's frozen about 4 times now. It freezes when I'm not using it such as right after I put it down and plug it in or after it's sat for a while. I'm hoping this is just an issue with my unit...
  3. SoulTerror

    Help Dirt slow

    So I was having some problems with some apps on my phone while it was rooted with RadioActive 1.8.7 so I decided to flash the newest update from Sprint and holy crap do I want to just smash this phone now! It is so damn slow, when I exit out of an app such as email or Facebook my screen goes to...
  4. SoulTerror

    The 10 best Android smartphones

    Seen this over on Tech Republic and thought I'd share it. Anyone with a similar list or would like to discus any disagreements with this list? Leaderboard: The 10 best Android smartphones | Tech Sanity Check |
  5. SoulTerror

    Help I hate refurb phones!

    I just got a replacement yesterday for my phone since my old one would not connect to GPS. All was fine, I rooted and installed Radioactive FroYo 1.8.9 (or what ever the newest is) plug my phone in at 11pm, wake up at 8am and my phone wasn't fully charged. I unplugged it and checked my email...
  6. SoulTerror

    Help Email sig changed

    I don't know how long this has been changed, but now when I respond to emails, I get "Sent from my U.S. Cellular Android phone" It use to say "Sent from my Moment on the Sprint Now Network" or something like that.
  7. SoulTerror

    Found a place to get Evo's

    I've seen some people are having issues finding Evo's in stock. Was at Wal-Mart today and seen they had one on display and asked if they had any in stock and the guy checked and said they have had them for a couple weeks now. The main person on the account just has to be their. Just a heads up...
  8. SoulTerror

    Thinking of going to AT&T from Sprint

    I was just doing some reading on here to see if they are getting any new Android devices anytime soon, but haven't been able to find much information. Does anyone know if it would be a good idea or what? I really want to go to Verizon but the wife doesn't since they are more expensive. I was...
  9. SoulTerror

    Help Want to go to 2.1 but MyBackup is expired

    I had purchased the full version of MyBackup, but when I changed to the leaked version of 2.1 the paid version was no longer available. Now the official 2.1 is out and I want to flash to it, but my trial of MyBackup is expired. Is there any other free apps that work just as good so that I can...
  10. SoulTerror

    Help Not getting email. 2.1

    Pretty much ever since I flashed over to 2.1 I don't receive any of my emails anymore. The only ones I do get are my work ones and that's connected directly to the Exchange server. I have a total of 4 emails being sent to my phone, My gmail, Hotmail, and 2 from my website I...
  11. SoulTerror


    I just got my Samsung Moment on Tuesday. Sprint told me I wasn't eligible for an upgrade till April 2011 when we just upgraded in July 09 so I broke down and spent the big bucks. I upgraded from a BlackBerry Curve 8330 which I loved except for the track ball. So far I love this phone, only...