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  1. ekyle

    Help Issue with Hangouts

    I don't recall seeing this with my other phones but if this belongs in an app thread that's fine. When I am included in a group message my wife's contact image doesn't appear in that message thread at it won't list her name at the bottom of her messages. Works for everyone else. If I look at her...
  2. ekyle

    Moto Assist Voice

    Has anyone used the Moto Assist Voice features consistently? The feature I'm talking about is the one that lets the phone always listen for the key command you give it. If so, how hard does that hit the battery? Thanks!
  3. ekyle

    Anyone switch from M8?

    I was going to get opinions on the Turbo from people who switched to it from the M8. Mainly the camera. I'm assuming the battery life will be superior. I played with one briefly at the store and the camera seemed sluggish but overall looked okay with the store's lighting.
  4. ekyle

    Root VZW M8 with Cyanogenmod

    Thinking about rooting my VZW M8 and loading Cyanogen mod on it. There don't seem to be any major issues on their site regarding the phone, but I'm a bit nervous about doing it. I haven't done anything with ROMs since my Thunderbolt... Just a few questions: How difficult is it to put...
  5. ekyle

    VZW Edge Phone with Case?

    I picked up my HTC One M8 on one of VZW's Edge plans. I may trade it in when the Moto X+1 is released (still debating since I really like this phone), but the M8 looks and feels great without a case. I'm wondering if anyone else is risking the "condition" of the phone that is on an Edge plan and...
  6. ekyle

    Help Shipping Cards Missing from Google Now

    At some point in the last few weeks all of my shipping cards have disappeared from Google Now. New orders don't appear as cards either. My Amazon, and etc. orders aren't' showing up once the shipping email comes in. I tried uninstalling the latest update and no luck. Any ideas? I miss those...
  7. ekyle

    Help GMail issues

    I did a search but could find anything specific to this so I'm putting it here... A few days ago the GMail app updated. Since then I've noticed that when I type or even open a draft that I typed on my computer in the GMail app on the device it underlines almost all the words saying they're...
  8. ekyle


    Anyone try Yahoo's new launcher? Seems like it could be useful bit over only had it for a few hours. Wondering if anyone else had tried it out yet.
  9. ekyle

    Help Lock screen replacement

    Anyone know of a lock screen replacement that allows widgets but can still utilize security options like pattern lock? I've tried a few but no luck. I thought about Widget Locker but I'd read a lot of posts about it draining battery. Any suggestions?
  10. ekyle

    No email widget

    I see a Gmail widget but no Email widget. Seems like a lot of people are experiencing this. Anyone have a suggestion for a replacement?
  11. ekyle

    Help Rdio sync to SD card

    I've tried every combination of options but the music that I sync will not go to the SD card. It always goes into the internal memory instead. Anyone else have any luck with this?
  12. ekyle

    Help Chase app

    Anyone else having an issue depositing checks with the Chase app on the M8?
  13. ekyle

    Help System UI

    I'm seeing really high System UI battery usage. Can't recall if it has always been like that or not. Only thing I did differently was added an Exchange account last night. I'd like to keep Exchange on my phone if possible. Any ideas?
  14. ekyle

    M8 Heartbleed situation

    Anyone have any clue as to a timeline for getting the Heartbleed vulnerability patched on the M8. The Lookout app suggests the phone's OS is vulnerable. I'm not too concerned about. Just curious if there'd be a fix users wild ever see.
  15. ekyle

    Voicemail - Looking for input

    This is my first Android phone in awhile. Coming from an iPhone I miss my visual voicemail but I don't want to pay for Verizon's version of it. I had used Google Voice for voicemail on Android in the past. Is that still an option and is it still any good? Thanks!
  16. ekyle

    I'm back

    After a few years of using iPhones I have returned to Android. I have to say that I really like what's changed with the ecosystem since I've been gone. Looking forward to chatting with everyone again :)
  17. ekyle

    Now to the dark side...

    Next year I'm going to sell my Linux laptop (my only computer), the Xoom, my Transformer, and my D3. After owning several Android powered devices, each with their own unique problems, I am ready for a change. I can't stand how I need to root my phone in order to take screenshots and remove...
  18. ekyle

    Help losing connectivity

    I've gotten connectivity errors where it can't find a a CDMA connection. It eventually returns to normal but it happens almost weekly. Sometimes multiple times. Any ideas?
  19. ekyle

    Accessories thin case

    Anyone know of a low profile case? I'm looking for something like the I pad case. Obviously not exactly, but something that protects the screen without adding bulk.
  20. ekyle

    Help Novell Data Synchronizer

    Anyone able to get the D3 to work with Novell DataSync? I was able to hook up a Droid X, but my D3 can't seem to find the server... Any idea would be appreciated :)
  21. ekyle

    Battery control

    I'm starting this thread to hopefully find the apps that are conflicting with Gingerbread and causing battery drain on the Droid 3. So far I have removed: Last.FM Google Voic Phandroid Google Music Facebook My idle time has already begun to drop. I'll see if this persists through...
  22. ekyle

    Help Last.FM won't log in after root

    For some reason my Last.FM account will not log in after I rooted. Odd thing, but that's the only thing that changed. Tried reinstalling, but it still doesn't work. Any ideas? It says my account was no longer associated with the device and to log in again. Says it every time.
  23. ekyle

    Root MR2 radio on stock rooted rom

    I finally got around to rooting my bolt yesterday, and I've removed all the bloat. I was going to throw a Gingerbread ROM on there, but I'm reading about several issues they all seem to have, so I'm just going to hold out until someone pushes an official GB build that can be flashed in recovery...
  24. ekyle

    4G LTE in Syraucse

    A friend was telling me that his phone was displaying 4G LTE all morning. I figured it was just another bug. Then an hour or so later I looked at my phone. I keep it set to 3G only, for battery conservation, but it had switched itself to LTE/CMDA auto. Sure enough I also had 4G LTE being...
  25. ekyle

    Help Google Music, song loops

    Not sure if this is specific to the bolt or not, but here it goes. In the Google Music app if I select a song to play in an album that contains multiple songs (not a single) that song will play twice. Every time. What I mean is: say the song is 4:00 long. At 4:00 it doesn't stop, it will play...