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  1. gtbarry

    Accessories Looking for an Unlocked International SIM-based "MiFi"

    I'm on t-mobile USA and want to take an unlocked "MiFi" device with me when I travel overseas. This way I can leave my t-mobile USA SIM in my phone and receive free text messages. But then I can buy a local SIM to insert into my "MiFi" for a higher speed connection for data than I get with the...
  2. gtbarry

    Help Lollipop: Smartlock Trusted Places not working

    I use Smartlock for Trusted Places and Trusted Devices only. It is working fine with devices (car, bluetooth headset, watch, etc). But it has stopped working with locations. My troubleshoots: - went to uninstall PlayService updates and reinstall them - it was greyed out and I was unable to do...
  3. gtbarry

    t-mobile Simple Choice Free International roaming (data/text)

    With t-mobile (USA) Simple Choice plans you are eligible to get free data and text while roaming in over 100 countries. Just curious if people have any experience with this Is there something you wish you knew going in? Also, I will be traveling to the following locations soon and would love...
  4. gtbarry

    t-mobile Personal CellSpot

    I just signed up for a new SimpleChoice plan and they gave me a 'free' CellSpot. I do get a low, but usable, signal at home. But I don't really have a need for this. Just curious if anyone out there has any experience with one of these? Thanks!
  5. gtbarry

    Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo on T-mobile (USA)

    Anyone tried this? Specifically, I am interested in data speeds in the Silicon Valley. Thanks!
  6. gtbarry

    Timely Alarm App - Alarm sounding 30 minutes early

    Starting about two weeks ago, Timely now goes off 30 minutes before the time I actually set it for. There has been no Timely update or system update in that time period. And I Have no other active time/alarm apps. - I've uninstalled. Still happens. - I've cleared data. Still happens. Any...
  7. gtbarry

    Block one device from my chromecast

    Long story short....some guy at a party recently kept trying to chromecast Pandora and it was messing with what was playing on the TV. Anyway to restrict what devices use my chromecast? Besides not allowing someone on to the network or changing the password? Thanks!
  8. gtbarry

    Help Battery drain and running hot overnight: Play Services?

    Just in the last week or two my battery has been draining noticeably faster overnight and is occasionally hot in the morning. Never had this happen before. There has been no change in my overnight phone habits in the last month or two. Google Play Services is listed in the battery stats as...
  9. gtbarry

    Cerberus anti-theft and tracking app free

    [I]you have to take advantage of this deal today before 6AM GMT on April 26th
  10. gtbarry

    t-mobile "sign into network" prompt

    Anyone using t-Mobile ever have this issue? - I was in a usually strong signal area and the first image below was in my notifications. - I opened the notifications panel and saw "Sign into network" - When I clicked it, it opened my default browser and went to that URL. Which as you can see...
  11. gtbarry

    Home Security and Android

    Just curious If anyone has any thoughts, comments or recommendations. I am pretty much looking at They have packages for doors, motion sensors, etc that can all be controlled from your phone. Of course there is also Cricket, dropcam and the good ol' services like...
  12. gtbarry

    Google Shopping Express

    Thrilled to make my first order with Google Shopping Express today and receive my item only hours after I placed the order. The driver was professional and courteous. However, not exactly happy to note he asked me to sign my name for receiving the item into his apple phone. (I...
  13. gtbarry

    Are there no drag and drop photo gallery apps?

    I think a short while ago I asked this question and was pointed to Photo Desk. It does exactly what I want. It allows you to see your photos and simply drag them to the folders on the left to move them into the new collection. Simple. Drag and drop in and out of folders. Now I find that the...
  14. gtbarry

    Looking for a twitter app without overly invasive permissions

    Looking for a twitter app. One that is not the official twitter app. Can handle multiple accounts. And most important...doesn't have overly invasive permissions. Thanks! (Plume is one recommendation so far that is on the short list)
  15. gtbarry

    Kit Kat 4.4 has removed app permission controls?

    One of the best features of Android 4.3 was the introduction of App Ops. Which allowed you to control the individual permissions of an app. You had to use third-party apps to do this. But it gave me peace of mind to know I could turn off some aspects of the permissions an app was asking for...
  16. gtbarry

    If you plan on using a Nexus 5 on t-mobile - HURRY

    Yesterday and today t-mobile had prepaid SIM activation kits for free. And that includes standard shipping. And most reports have the Nexus 5 using a micro SIM. You can play it safe and get both a micro and nano kits. You can order two kits at a time.
  17. gtbarry

    Google+ Custom URLs coming soon

    I just received this email with a suggested URL for my profile and the ability to change it to something else "You're now eligible for a unique Google+ custom URL that lets you easily point folks to your profile (no more long URLs!). Promote this on: your website, emails or other...
  18. gtbarry

    apple fingerprint security getting hacked

    There are videos of these all over the place. This is one of the shorter videos
  19. gtbarry

    A dedicated Android fan

    ...or perhaps Kit Kat fan. Either way, this is NOT me.
  20. gtbarry

    Excellent article on the short-comings of biometric security

    Three reasons why believing in biometric security creates a false sense of security: 1) a person's biometrics can't be kept secret and they can't be revoked 2) once a person's biometrics have been compromised, they will always be compromised 3) spoofing biometrics, particularly fingerprints...
  21. gtbarry

    Why you don't want Fingerprint ID

    To sum: the Fifth Amendment, guarantees
  22. gtbarry

    Late night TV parodies the new apple phone

    Jimmy Kimmel: Tells people on the street the apple tablet mini is the newly announced apple phone ...and of course they fall for it!!!! - 2:08 a guy holds it up to his ear and makes a call - then a girl is told about a new licking feature to taste flavors - and she of course tastes...
  23. gtbarry

    Leave it to The Onion to have a hilarious headline for the apple "announcement"

    Funny: The headline and the first two paragraphs Funnier: they really didn't make anything up in the rest of the article. Apple Unveils Panicked Man With No Ideas CUPERTINO, CA
  24. gtbarry

    Play Store purchase for another account

    Looking for a legit way (don't want to involve third-parties etc.) to transfer part of a Google Play account balance to another Google account. Or even buy a Google Play gift card or app for another Google account with my Google Play account balance. Basically, I have a lot of Google Play...
  25. gtbarry

    Tell us if you've seen a promotional Kit Kat bar for Android

    I am in California and have checked a few places. I will let you know when I see any in stores here. Let us know if you see any where you live.