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    Beluga vs iGotChat

    What do you guys think? I just downloaded Beluga so far and love it, but also came across iGotChat. The thing that draws me to both is group chat.
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    Help Double tap word to edit

    I dunno if I'm the only one that this bothers, or if I missed a thread, but anyone notice how in portrait you can double tap a word and it will highlight it allowing you to delete it and type a new word. Is it just my phone or does that not work in landscape. It worked on 2.1 and I've been...
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    New Handcent fixes out of order SMS!!

    Who needs to wait for Motorola to release a fix? Handcent has an update today and they fixed the ordering. About time, now I can rest in peace. Thank you Handcent!.
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    G-Mail App Updated in Market (2.2 Only)

    While this may not make a difference to us currently (without FroYo), The gmail app has been updated and placed in the market. New Gmail App Lands on Android Market - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog Changes: While it's obviously good news they updated the gmail app, it's even better that...
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    Help Keyboard auto cap "i" , and turn "il" to "I'll"

    Does anyone else have the same problem with their keyboard? With the Droid why you typed "il" and hit space it turned to "I'll" "im" and hit space it turned to "I'm" "i" and hit space it turned to "I" Everyone else experience what I am or is it just me? EDIT: Sorry should have put in...
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    Keyboard auto cap "i" , and turn "il" to "I'll"

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    Root Help the Hacking Community!

    Help the hacking community - snag the - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum Help the hacking community - snag the So the update will be rolling out today. If you get it, please help everyone by getting the
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    Help the Hacking Community!

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    Nexus One getting Pinch Zoom

    Nexus One getting an update to include pinch to zoom? Will we be getting it eventually ?:D Google Nexus One Over-the-Air Software Updates Available Now - Google nexus one update - Gizmodo updates-available-now Can't wait til someone ports over the new gallery :) Full Details of Update:
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    Help change keytone (root)??

    Just wondering, does anyone know if its possible to change the keyboard sound now that we have root. The one onthe droid is cool but very obnoxious. The iphone one is good, even windows mobile one is decent. I'm sure some people will think its obnoxious no matter what, but atleast try to...
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    Program to make Panormaic photo?

    Has anyone found a good program to make panoramic photos? I bought photostitch and am extremely disappointed with it. It kind of helps you line them up, but the photo's aren't even scaled together. Here are two examples of pictures I took today. and
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    Customer Service Story (BAD Best Buy)

    Alright, as some of you may have seen I have very poor battery life and when I charge my phone overnight it'll actually loose battery so.... I went to a Verizon in the mall, they started arguing there is no problem and I need to kill tasks (I do) and I basically had to argue with them to give...
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    Join Contacts not listing my Contacts

    I know there are some threads about how to join contacts but I know how to join them. Its just when I go to my contacts and press menu and join it doesn't list ANY of my contacts. On some contacts it'll suggest and even list all the contacts, but on the contacts I actually want to merge it...
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    Charges to 100% and then decreases again?

    Sorry if the title is confusing but here is my story, i put the phone on the charger right before I went to bed (11 PM), and by 12:30 AM when I went to settings and checked the status it said it was 100%, I decided to leave it on the charger anyway cause I have been getting really bad battery...