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  1. piludo36

    Can Oreo Be Put on a C881?

    If anyone has been successful please share. My understanding Oreo is less RAM intensive on old phones. But I can't even get Holo Jellybean launcher to behave on this durable phone. And not in a position to throw it away and upgrade. Thanks!
  2. piludo36

    Is It Secure?

    Helps save battery on my non-root Casio Commando 4g LTE (phone is a battery hog). Been using for over 6 months, but always prompted to "accept/allow" access. Developer claimed it's Google warning due to VPN structure of app. Bitdefender say's it's clean. A Malwarebytes scan flags it as...
  3. piludo36

    Control most apps on LTE , Non-root It's a VPN that prevents apps from connecting and using data, until you activate it. Most will shut themselves down. These are apps that non-rooters couldn't stop before. Also you can choose what apps you want to function...
  4. piludo36

    Darker Screen Filter, light on resources, works great
  5. piludo36

    Help It worked on C771... Green Power Battery Saver

    On my old Commando C771 this app reduced my charge needs by 100%, no negative impact on performance. I think the effective features were an ability to schedule syncing i.e. 1 min, 5 min, 20, 30, 60, and the ability to throttle down from 4g to 3g when not needed (on phone). Also, managing Wi-fi...
  6. piludo36

    Help Safe 2 Use OEM Car Charger From c771 On c881?

    Hi, After 3 years of faithful service, and one year of storage frustration. It was time to "decommission" my c771. So, I just bought a used, very "cherry" c881. (waiting on my Strait Talk sim card... I thought this phone was going to be CDMA..., surprise:) been with them so long they're 3 day...
  7. piludo36

    SD Card & Best for Non-Root?

    I really need a recommendation for best NON-ROOT SD card; size/speed/manufacturer for Commando c771 regarding performance? Currently job hunting and can't afford phone issues right now. Current SD: 32GB San Disk Ultra, microSDHC UHS-1. Package say's speed up to 48 MB/s. Current SD App: ES File...
  8. piludo36

    Accessories Helpful apps for Casio C771

    I learned early on battery apps are hogs and counter productive. They take up space and tell you how quickly they're draining your battery. However over charging is bad for the battery, so a very cool app, very small and can be set to run only during charge and tell you when charge is complete...
  9. piludo36

    Help Cyanogen ROM & auto install root & IT war?

    Hi, oh this is gonna be fun:) From the hundreds (1000's?:) of hours I've researched on how to just get this phone I both love and hate to do what it's capable of I learned about rooting and ROM's. Wilster's first of course. When I began looking for something easier (not better) to install, as...