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  1. JSchu22

    For Sale : $425.00 : AT&T Galaxy Note 3

    Buy | Sell | Trade ..For Sale . Device/Item(s) ..AT&T Galaxy Note 3 . Price ..$425.00 . Shipping Included? ..Yes . Payment Options ..Paypal . Condition ..Mint: Perfect device - no or missing accessories (USB Cable, etc) . Extra Included Items .. . Additional...
  2. JSchu22

    For Sale : $500.00 : 32gb Galaxy S4 (AT&T) Black Mist, Rooted

    Buy | Sell | Trade ..For Sale . Device/Item(s) ..32gb Galaxy S4 (AT&T) Black Mist, Rooted . Price ..$500.00 . Shipping Included? ..Yes . Payment Options ..Paypal . Condition ..Mint: Perfect device - no or missing accessories (USB Cable, etc) . Extra Included Items...
  3. JSchu22

    Why no 2013 Nexus 7 Forum

    Is the Phandroid staff on vacay or something- New device people, need to have a separate forum. I'm kicking the ol fattie to the curb and don't want to read about it's problems anymore. I want to read about new problems!
  4. JSchu22

    New PH android app icon?

    How about an update for all if these super HD screens we have now? Phandroid looks downright homely next to all my other apps.
  5. JSchu22

    Why doesn't the back match the front?

    Just a curiosity - Why doesn't the Black Mist S4 back match the front? I doubt anyone will know and it's not the end of the world but I wonder why Samsung altered the color/appearance.
  6. JSchu22

    Help Location/GPS Issue

    Does anyone else have issues with location accuracy in Google Maps? More often than not I must toggle GPS off then on for Maps to pinpoint my location. The location icon does not pop up in the status bar unless I do this toggle, clearly showing that its not doing it on its own. As far as I can...
  7. JSchu22

    Help Unlock Efect

    Is anyone else's "unlock effect" greyed out? When I first noticed it, I believe that it was open to make changes but now the option itself is grey and can't be opened to view/change options.
  8. JSchu22

    I got one.

    Bought it at Best Buy today, $399. Looked like the only one they had. Its awesome. Just like a smaller 8.9, or even smaller 10.
  9. JSchu22

    LNIB HTC Evo 3D + extras!

    For Sale: HTC Evo 3D Condition: Excellent working and cosmetic order Whats Included: Phone, USB cable, charging adaptor, box, manuals, 4 cases (see pic) Payment Method: PayPal Shipping: USPS, included in price Price: $250 Selling this because I prefer the Photon, that's all. I've had this since...
  10. JSchu22

    LNIB T-Mobile G2X

    For Sale: T-Mobile G2X (LG) Condition: Perfect, no operational or cosmetic defects at all Whats included: Phone, charging cable/adaptor, box, manuals, 3 cases/covers (LG branded snap on cover w/kickstand, Seidio "slider" style, textured silicon TMobile cover), LG branded desktop charging dock...
  11. JSchu22

    Help Sloooow 3G speeds

    Well I was getting suspicious of the 3G speed, downloading apps was painful at times, so I fired up the Speed Test app. Well I'm not sure whats up here in Tampa, but both 3G and "4G" speeds were under what I'm used to. Here are the figures (averages): 3G Photon- Ping: 1350ms Down...
  12. JSchu22

    Help HTC Hub

    Anyone else having issues connecting to this? I've had an Inspire previously and it worked fine, but now not so much.
  13. JSchu22


    Device: HTC Inspire for at&t Condition: Perfect Includes: Everything that came with phone (phone, micro usb, etc.), box, 3 covers Shipping: USPS (included in price) Price: reduced- $299 Left at&t so I no longer need this. Phone is about 4 weeks old and is in perfect working and cosmetic...
  14. JSchu22

    Battery door opening suggestion

    With the battery door being so difficult to get off (it absolutely is), I tried using a nickel and it popped right open. Use this method at your own risk as I suppose you could scratch the metal body and/or mar the plastic door. Wouldn't hurt to put a thin piece of paper or plastic between the...
  15. JSchu22

    Browser font question

    Anyone have any insight on why my browser font size can't be adjusted? Its been doing so for a couple of days. I change the size up and down, reload pages, pull the battery- nothing works.