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    Can't see or access messages

    It seems I can see or find wear to access PM's on this app.... WTH??? I have to log into the mobile site to find out I have PM's..
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    Hiking the Appalachian trail

    As some of you may know, I plan on attempting a thru hike of the Appalachian trail in 2019. It will be challenging enough with the 2,000+ mile hike alone, but it is also something that costs money. Expenses along the trail include food resupply, laundry, showers, occasional hostel stays, gear...
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    Warp 7 users! - ZTE Warp 7

    Who else is rocking the Warp 7?
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    Love the new ADW ! - ADW.Launcher

    I love the new ADW! I used the original for a long time before going to Nova launcher. I love that I can finally come back to ADW!
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    ADW launcher 2 official release.

    ADW launcher 2 has been in beta for quite a long time but now it is out of beta and available for download in the play store. It has a lot of customization options and looks and feels great. Also, the pro version is 45% off for the new year!
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    Accessories USB-C cables

    I've realized that I should have a backup or 2 and was wondering what brand(s) you guys would recommend. [emoji217]
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    First impressions of the ZTE warp 7

    I ordered this phone for my son on Friday. Received it today (Labor day weekend slowed down delivery). Out of the box it looks great. It doesn't feel cheap at all. The screen does tend to show finger prints though. Since he broke his last phone, I went ahead and loaded up his SD card and logged...
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    New phone out now! Warp 7
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    Zippo lighter

    My father recently passed away and a zippo lighter was passed down to me from him. When I saw it I figured it was either a gift from his older brother or belonged to him because of the globe and anchor emblem on the front (marine Corp for the non Americans) My uncle fought in the Korean War. I...
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    Happy Birthday America!

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    Some of you may have heard or read but ADW Launcher is back!! It's pretty sweet so far. I'll keep you updated :)
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    Memorial Day Poem

    Deep in the mist far beyond where eagles fly Deep in the mist far past where our eyes can see Those brave soldiers stand tall They gave their last breath They gave their last full measure They knew knew the cost They knew the pain They left behind their families, thier friends, their lives They...
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    Everyday I listen to people moan and complain about their wife or husband. They don't do this, or they do that and I don't like it ect...... I just don't get it. I'm twice married and I never once openly complained, bitched, moaned about my ex wife in public. My second marriage is amazing My...
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    Ohio state Spring game!

    I spent the afternoon watching THEE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES Annual spring game where they set a national spring game attendance record of over 1000,000 fans! I thought the defensive backs played well on both teams. The running backs performed very well to. Quarterback JT Barrett played a less...
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    Nova has night mode now! (beta)

    Nova has done it again! They now allow you to change the color of the search bar and they have night mode!
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    I saw on the boost mobile website that Motorola released an update for the Moto E 2015.

    Motorola released an update for the Moto E 2015. It's just bug fixes and improvements kind of update but it hasn't hit my device as of yet. Anyone get it? If so, what did it improve? lol
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    NFL's Spectacle...

    If he dances and celebrates, he is a thug or he is somehow degrading to the game. If AJ Hawk does a 3 minute routine after a sack, he is just having fun. The problem with your stance and the entire thing is that these guys get 15 to 20 minutes to come down after a brutally violent game and...
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    NFL's Spectacle...

    Go out and get your arse handed to you in the biggest sporting event in America, then after your 15 minute "cool down" period go sit behind a mic and answer the same 3 ridiculous questions over and over again and then telle how someone is supposed to act. He was sad, hurt, upset and not in a...
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    What's a good alternative to Tapatalk?

    I've had it with Tapatalk and I'm looking for a good alternative. Fire away!! :D
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    Just started using this little beast.

    My G3 (boost mobile) took a short drop off a long pier and now lives in the bottom of our big pond....... Really enjoyed the phone but I am now finally using the Moto E I bought as a backup a while back. I opened the box this morning. I haven't had much time with it but it is a nice little...
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    Samsung Galaxy J3 heading to Boost and Virgin Mobile for $179 Samsung Galaxy J3 heading to Boost and Virgin Mobile for $179
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    Help "Okay google" broken with root.

    I noticed that Google hot word detection was broken when I rooted my prevail lte. I searched for an xposed module that might fix it but couldn't find anything. Has anyone else had this issue? Found any fixes? [emoji217]
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    Root Xposed really helps this phone.

    Xposed really makes this phone so much better. I'd love to see a Rom or 2 for this device but for now I can make due with xposed and Nova Prime lol [emoji217]
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    New LG phone coming [emoji217] [emoji217] [emoji217] [emoji217] [emoji217] [emoji217] [emoji217] [emoji217] [emoji217] [emoji217]
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    ZenUI (Asus) launcher

    Has anyone tried this launcher out? I've used it for a while and I really enjoy it. I've been a loyal Nova Prime guy for a few years and ADWex before that so my bar is pretty high when it comes to launchers. I give this launcher 4 stars. It is just missing a few things. No Google hot word...