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  1. trparky

    Note 3, KitKat, /sdcard, External SDCards, and...

    OK, so people have been saying that beginning with KitKat external SDCards can't be arbitrarily written to. Like, I can't simply write data to anywhere on the external SDCard (/storage/extSdCard, not /sdcard). So, I updated my AT&T Note 3 to the new KitKat version and opened up ES File...
  2. trparky

    USB 3.0 Cables

    Any suggestions on USB 3.0 cables that will work with the Note 3 when you have a phone case on it? Why I ask is that a lot of USB cables come with connectors that don't leave enough room for the connector to make a connection with the device while a case is on.
  3. trparky

    Android Data Backup Apps?

    Any suggestions on an app that can backup your data (call log, sms, images, videos, etc.) to say, Google Drive? Free would be nice if possible. If not free, relatively inexpensive.
  4. trparky

    Kitkat and external SDCards. What changes?

    Some smart phones come with the ability to expand storage with a MicroSD card. The Galaxy S4 for instance. I've been reading some things that make me a bit worried about devices that have a limited amount of internal storage such as devices that have 16 GBs of storage. My phone only has 16...
  5. trparky

    United States Android 4.3 Update Schedule Leaked

    According to the Android 4.3 update schedule was leaked. Leak: Samsung's American Android 4.3 And Galaxy Gear Update Release Schedule For The Galaxy S4, S4 Active, S III, And Note II Here is the details for the Galaxy S4... AT&T: November 13th Verizon: October 28th...
  6. trparky

    Root [AT&T] Third Party Kernel: Jeboo

    There's a third-party kernel available for this phone made by a guy on XDA named Jeboo. I have it on my phone right now, seems to be very stable. Plus, couple this with Trickster MOD on the Google Play Store and you can tweak...
  7. trparky

    Anyone use Light Flow?

    Has anyone tried using Light Flow on this phone? I want to see if I can change some of the LED colors for specific notifications.
  8. trparky

    Root [AT&T] Once rooted, what can I do?

    Once I root the phone with Motochopper, what can I do? I know I'll have root but then what can I do? I want to see if I can load the third party Faux kernel for the phone. Do I need to load a recovery to do that? Or can I use the dd command to write the kernel image to the boot partition? If I...
  9. trparky

    Root [AT&T] Motochopper? Anyone have issues?

    Has anyone had any issues with using Motochopper to root this device after the last OTA update? Also, if I don't do anything but root, can the device still take OTA updates? There seems to be some third-party kernels ready for this device. If I backup the device's kernel using a command like...
  10. trparky

    Help Why is this app marked as incompatible?

    AT&T Mark the Spot App Why is it marked as incompatible with the device?
  11. trparky

    Samsung shipped six million Galaxy S4s in less than three weeks

    Korean tech giant Samsung is well on their way to setting new records with the recently released Galaxy S 4 smartphone. An unnamed Samsung executive recently told a Korean newspaper that the company supplied four million Galaxy S4 handsets to telecoms around the world at the end of April. As...
  12. trparky

    This just in... Apple is calling the S4 an infringing product.

    Apple has confirmed it will add Samsung
  13. trparky

    Do screen protectors mess with this phone?

    The subject says it all.
  14. trparky

    Compatible Chargers? Current rating?

    I'm looking at the 2A charger over on the Samsung accessories store, specifically this one... Is it compatible with the Galaxy S4?
  15. trparky

    Future Updates? How do they work?

    In the future, if there is an update to the AT&T version of the S4, how will it be delivered? OTA? Something called Kies? If it is delivered via Kies, would it be a good idea to backup all apps and associated data before I perform the upgrade? Or is it like an OTA update in which the update...
  16. trparky

    Root [Verizon] To root or not to root: that is the question.

    Oh yeah, I was definitely going for a Shakespearean-like sound to the opening title of the thread. So the question is... how many people are planning to root this device? As of right now there are no custom recoveries to be able to get yourself out of a jam and we don't have any ROM dumps that...
  17. trparky

    Help AT&T Safe to disable bloatware

    Swype (if you don't use it, disable it) Story Album Story Album Widget Samsung Link Mobile TV CoolEUKor RoseEUKor Com2uSPoker ChocoEUKor ChatON AT&T Navigator AT&T Locker AT&T FamilyMap AT&T Messages AT&T DriveMode (Seriously, do we really need an app for this? Just put the damn phone in your...
  18. trparky

    The screen!

    This phone features one of the best looking screens that I
  19. trparky

    How much is this phone worth?

    I'm going to be selling two Verizon Galaxy Nexus phones probably within the next month and a half. How much is it worth? Both have clean ESNs and are in near perfect conditions.
  20. trparky

    Where is the S4 being manufactured?

    Why I ask is that with the crap that's going on in the Korea Peninsula. If the shit really hits the fan we could be looking at massive delays.
  21. trparky

    Which version are you going to get? White or black? 16 or 32?

    With pre-orders coming to the US is less than two weeks, which version are you going to get? White? Black? 16GB? 32GB? Which one? I'm thinking of getting the black version in the 32GB storage option. Mainly because I need the space and I think that white would show too much dirt. But...
  22. trparky

    The new Android era, software differences...

    I think that we are starting to see the end of the hardware Android era in which manufacturers were competing on hardware. Now, it's software that will pave the way for differences between devices. OK, before you start grabbing the pitchforks and lighting the torches, hear me out. What has...
  23. trparky

    I feel empowered!

    So I've been dealing with absolutely horrible coverage in and around my area with Verizon Wireless. This includes little to no signal and consistent dropped calls. Well, I decided to take things into my own hands. I filed an official FCC complaint on the FCC's web site. I did this about...
  24. trparky

    How is CDMA radio performance in the Verizon Galaxy Note 2?

    How is CDMA radio performance in the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 versus say... the Galaxy S3?
  25. trparky

    Is it worth buying a Galaxy S III knowing that...

    Is it worth buying a Galaxy S III knowing that the Galaxy S IV is just right around the corner?