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  1. DaniellieeE

    Help Button Savior

    Wanted to ask other Optimus M users if you have had success with this Button Savior app. I downloaded, tried 2xs, but couldn't get anything to appear on home screen, and really would like to use this app on my rooted Opt M. [Did search and found couple threads, but they were for other phones.]...
  2. DaniellieeE

    Root Looking for advice

    Is there anyone else that experienced lots of reboots at beginning with SenseRom and is not anymore that can offer advice. Am asking, because I plan on flashing Sense again. I had repeated reboots the 4-5xs I did flash Sense on my phone. Would like to try and narrow down if it's something on...
  3. DaniellieeE

    Happy to be here & learn (new android user) :)

    Hello all -thanks for all the helpful post, I've learned alot from reading through the forums for last couple weeks. My first droid phone which is "LG Optimus M" - did my first successful root and unroot to remove bloatware. For now, still playing it safe until I learn more. ~;)