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  1. droidSPARX

    Help Phone rings but can't answer

    from time to time, when my phone rings the option to answer it is not appearing. even when I unlock the phone there is no option. i don't have any live wallpaper. I wonder if Launcher Pro is causing the problem
  2. droidSPARX

    Root LCD Density Changer works on DX

    I tried this app on my DX (rooted and 2.2) I changed it from 240 (default) to 200. search the market for "LCD Densitiy Changer" Dev Forum thread [APP] LCD Density Changer 3.0 - create HighRes screen effect - xda-developers Before LCD Changer After
  3. droidSPARX

    Accessories Verizon Accessories available in-store

    I went to my local VZW to check for DX demo (which they did). I then ask the guy about accessories and he said they got some right now. He asked me wat kind of case I want. I told him nothing in particular so he went to the back and took out a tray of accessories. they have the body glove...
  4. droidSPARX

    Droid X running flash

    demoed by adobe YouTube - Motorola Droid X Adobe Flash no release date of Froyo, but its nice to see flash on X