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  1. bigt

    Help Wifi problem

    Not a major problem.. At work when we connect to the Wifi network we have a landing page which asks for further authentication before connecting to the Internet, this page is called firstspot. Before, I think, KitKat when I opened Chrome on my phone it would load this firstspot page and, it...
  2. bigt

    Help Battery drain

    I usually have decent battery life (12+ hours with 4hours ish sceen on time) but every now and then (maybe fortnightly) I will notice the battery draining alot quicker, I look at the stats and Google Play Services seems to be the culprit. Is it usual for this to cause battery drain on a...
  3. bigt

    Help Turn led off

    Hi all. I use my Desire as a bedside clock now. Is there any way to turn off the notification led telling me it's charging?
  4. bigt

    Root Always listening

    Will there ever be a custom ROM with always listening (like the Moto X)?
  5. bigt

    Google Now question?

    How do I add England to my favourite sports teams?
  6. bigt

    Root Help with rooting

    Hello I thought I'd root my Nexus 5, I rebooted into bootloader/fastboot and unlocked the bootlader using: fastboot oem unlock Then I flashed the recovery: fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp- Then I rebooted to recovery and pushed my super user zip to...
  7. bigt

    Root Cyanogen 10.2

    The CyanogenMod team have started publishing Android 4.3 Nightly builds for the One S (Ville) :)
  8. bigt

    Help Data roaming notification

    Is there any way to stop the 'you have lost data connectivity...' notification when I am roaming? (short of turning data roaming on!)
  9. bigt

    Root Stock camera

    Hello I am running leedroid but would like the stock/shipped camera back. Can anyone advise me how to go about this please?
  10. bigt

    Root Upgrade radio

    The clever people over at XDA have made a flashable zip to update the radio/baseband. More details on the thread
  11. bigt

    Root LeeDroid question

    Hello I have a rooted One S running LeeDroid v2.10 and when I turn on quick settings I lose access to my ongoing notifications when I pull down the status bar. Has anyone else got this issue?
  12. bigt

    Tips and Tricks

    Go to settings then language and keyboards then HTC sense input then turn on trace keyboard for a Swype-like keyboard
  13. bigt

    Using HTC Desire as a DLNA server

    Hello I found out about twonky today thought I'd share. It is an app that turns the Desire into a DLNA media server. Check it out :)
  14. bigt

    Put train journey in calendar

    Hello All Has any on come accross a way to plan a train journey (eg using thetrainline app, traintimesUK app etc) and then add this journey to your google calendar. I can, of course, do it using my computer and nationalrail's website but I wouldn't mind doing it all on my phone. Tim
  15. bigt


    Does anyone else have bad dreams about cracked screens on their desire?
  16. bigt

    Help Facebook for Android - Downloading pictures

    Hello Is there a way of downloading photos from friends albums from within Facebook for Android? It's no big problem as going to Facebook Mobile and browsing to the photo allows you to save image (with a long press on the photo)
  17. bigt

    Root HBoot partition table sizes

    Hello all What's the best way to tell how big the HBoot partition (/system etc) needs to be for different ROMs?
  18. bigt

    Tiny MMS pictures O2

    Hello I have just spoken to O2 about recieving (andmaybe sending) tiny MMS pics. She confirmed my fears, that the Desire is not supported on PAYG, only pay monthly. Apparantly because of this the pictures are resized at their end :( She said there are plans to start supporting it on PAYG...
  19. bigt

    Root SD card transfer rate

    I recently changed ROMS from Cyanogen to Oxygen (gingerbread) to take advantage of apps2sd+. After creating an ext2 partition on my SD card my transfer rate to the card has gone from 3MB/s to 500KB/s. Is this usual? The 'internal' transfer rate is unchanged, I can still play music/capture video...
  20. bigt

    Audio Jack

    I have used my Desire a couple of times at parties to entertain the masses!! I have noticed a couple of times the 3.5mm audio jack crackles a bit if I move my phone around while it is plugged in, it has been known for the music player on the phone to think the jack has been unplugged and to...
  21. bigt

    USB stopped working?

    Hi all Today I plugged my Desire in to the USB socket, to top up the charge, and noticed the little USB icon/logo thing that usually shows up on the top left of the Desire's screen wasn't there. I checked in the phone's settings and it is still set to ask me what to do when I plug it in. I...