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  1. thistransition

    Does this phone have another name?

    I bought the ZTE Blade V8 Pro but the app is reporting it as the ZTE Zmax 3. Are they the same phone?
  2. thistransition

    A man walks into a smartwatch store... (LG Watch Sport vs. Samsung Gear S3 impressions)

    I went to the AT&T store after work today with the hopes of buying an LG Watch Sport. The reason I started looking at smartwatches to begin with was because I simply wanted something that could take voice memos without having to pull out & hold my phone every time. The Senstone, a device born...
  3. thistransition

    Help How to encrypt my ZTE Blade V8 Pro (Android 6.0.1)?

    I can't remember if I encrypted my phone, and I don't see an option in the security menu of my Android settings to encrypt or decrypt my phone. Any ideas?
  4. thistransition

    My ZTE Blade V8 Pro's mobile data does not work

    I am able to access cellular network for calls but no data on my phone. When I put my AT&T SIM card in a different phone, mobile data works fine. I called ZTE customer support and the rep did not seem that knowledgeable but after putting me on a few brief holds she recommended I send it in for...
  5. thistransition

    Case or no case? - Huawei Honor 8

    I would recommend getting a case. I just notice the glass on the back of my phone is cracked and I don't remember dropping or hitting anything hard enough to break it! More fragile than it seems I think.
  6. thistransition

    Tips to improve battery life - Honor 8

    Love the phone so far but the battery life is my one complaint. Any ideas on how to improve it?
  7. thistransition

    Help Can't boot with SD card inserted (Blu Dash M2)

    Hi, looking for some help retrieving my seemingly lost photos/videos. I formatted my SD card for Android and was using it to store apps and media. Whenever I boot up my phone now, it gets stuck on the launch screen after I enter my passcode to decrypt it. If I remove the SD card, it boots up...
  8. thistransition

    Using a family member's upgrade to go from 3G to 4G (WARNING!)

    Just a heads up if you are planning to upgrade your phone using a family members' eligible upgrade: if you are upgrading to a 4G device from a 3G device, you need to bring in your family members' phone to the store, so they can give them a new SIM card. 4G devices use a different SIM card, so I...
  9. thistransition

    Battery life

    Can anyone report on the battery life of this phone? I have read that battery life depends on whether or not you're in an LTE-covered area, so please include how much time your phone was in/out of that coverage. Thanks in advance!
  10. thistransition

    LTE devices on the way...

    Just a heads up for those looking at new phones: I was very tempted to get the Atrix 2 because of the great specs and price (49.99 w new contract), but I did some digging and it looks like around Thanksgiving AT&T will release some phones with LTE including the HTC Holiday. So if you're not in...
  11. thistransition

    (AT&T) Galaxy S2 vs Atrix 2 ?

    So if the rumors are right about the Nexus Prime, it won't be coming to AT&T for at least a few months, and I'm in need of a new phone. Which new phone should I pick up? The Galaxy S2 or the Atrix 2? I realize it's tough to say since the Atrix 2 isn't out yet, but it doesn't seem like the...
  12. thistransition

    AVG antivirus free: Killed my battery life

    I have a Samsung Captivate with Android 2.1 and this app drained my battery SO fast. I looked at my battery usage by app in android's main settings menu, and this app took up around 56% of my entire charge. I uninstalled the app and now my battery lasts so much longer. Your review must...