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  1. koopakid08

    Root [GUIDE] The One Stop Evo V Guide/FAQ

    Evo V Guide/FAQ Intro: Hello everyone, welcome to the one stop Evo V Guide/FAQ. I put this together to help everyone out when looking for information about everything Evo V. I didn't create any of these roms, hacks, etc. I only put together the guide. Enjoy and feel free to post and...
  2. koopakid08

    Virgin mobile fails security 101, leaves 6 million accounts vulnerable

    I was reading around the net today and found this Virgin mobiles 6 digit pin is beyond easy to hack via brute force, taking a day at most. Once an attacker has your PIN, they can take the following actions on your...
  3. koopakid08

    Help Sleep of death?

    Over the past few days my Evo has gone to sleep and not turned back on until I pull the battery. We have this problem on the nook color but I can't have this on my phone. Is anyone else experiencing this and has a fix or knows the cause?
  4. koopakid08

    Root Downgrade hboot - Who wants to try?

    Is there anyone out there willing to try to downgrade their hboot? It involves bricking your device on purpose. I asked this on XDA: And got this reply: Is anyone up for it? if so follow the instructions here:
  5. koopakid08

    Root [GUIDE] A Noobs Guide to Getting Started with a Custom Rom on the Nook Color

    I've had this up on XDA and AC for awhile and I figured I would post it here as well: A Noobs Guide to Getting Started with a Custom Rom on the Nook Color So you heard about the nook color. How it's a cheap e-reader that can be pushed to the limit and you are wondering how you can enable this...
  6. koopakid08

    What happened to Tapatalk?

    Tapatalk is clearly the best mobile forum app and apparently this forum used to support it but it no longer does. I would just like to ask why and if it is a possibility that support could be added again. I know you guys have your own app but I like the UI of Tapatalk better and your app is very...
  7. koopakid08

    [HOW TO] Download and install Netflix 1.3 (Updated 7/20/11) NO MORE GREEN BAR!

    Netflix was updated to version 1.3 today. For me there is no longer any green bar at the top. I am on rooted stock. The new .apk file is available for download here. To install: 1. If you have a previous version of netflix uninstall it. 2. Download the .apk file from here 3. Get it on your...
  8. koopakid08

    Root [HOW-TO] Download and Install CM7 to Run Off SD Card

    Grab the installer image here: it's a ~9M image that would unpack into ~130M disk image. Write the image on your SD card. I tested with 2G, 4G and 8G cards and all worked. Any uSD card of 1G or bigger in size should work if it is...
  9. koopakid08

    Root Overclock on rooted stock?

    Can someone give me noob guide to overclocking on rooted stock?
  10. koopakid08

    Gingerbread coming soon

    The LG optimus one has just been updated with gingerbread. I'm hoping that we'll see gingerbread within a few months! Link
  11. koopakid08

    Help I bought a new SD card and need some help

    I copied everything from my old 2gb sd card to my computer but now when I try to copy everything to my new 8gb card it pops up with saying that the disc is write protected. What do I do?
  12. koopakid08

    Help GPS without cell service?

    I was wondering if the GPS on this phone worked without being connected to cell service. Thanks in advance.