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  1. mike114

    A $535 million boondogle

    Solyndra: House committee grills officials over failed solar firm - "Solyndra, which was hailed by President Obama in 2010 as an innovative company that would use stimulus money to create jobs and lead the economic recovery, laid off most of its 1,100 workers Aug. 31 and announced...
  2. mike114

    A $48 Billion earmark...yes, with a B!! Column: Mike Jensen: Redistribution on steroids Can anyone defend this type spending?? This is outright theft of the American people. Remember the bridge to nowhere in Alaska which got tons of media attention? That "little" pork project was only slated to get about $400...
  3. mike114

    Obamacare is unConstitutional

    "A federal court ruled Monday that a key part of the health-care overhaul violates the Constitution, dealing the first legal setback to the Obama administration's signature legislative accomplishment. U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson said the law's requirement that most Americans carry...
  4. mike114

    SB510 - Total government control over our food

    Now we have to put up with complete government control over our food. The FDA will have complete control over farms all in the name of safety. This is the latest bill which once again trample our Constitutional rights. Take a look at what the FDA is doing even before this heinous law is...
  5. mike114

    What's your favorite NFL team?

    And which Eagles Super Bowl victory is the greatest moment in Eagles history??
  6. mike114

    What's your favorite NFL team?

    The New York Giants - BBWC