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  1. b20beast

    Galaxy Note 3 on MetroPCS wifi calling

    So here's the deal. I have a tmobile galaxy note 3 and I'm trying to use the wifi calling. Obviously I cannot because the service belongs to T Mobile but what can I do to fix the E911 error? I can't log into tmobile to update the 911 number because I don't have a tmobile account so what do I do?
  2. b20beast

    Outage in north miami!!!

    I found that service has been horrible as of late in north miami. A couple of other metroPCS'ers have also complained of frequent service interruption and outages since yesterday... solution?
  3. b20beast

    MetroPCS BYOD Speedtest ONLY!!!

    I'm making this thread for the sake of argument.... i want to see GSM BYOD speedtests in comparison to what speeds we already have on CDMA quality. i need to know if its worth the money to shell out a couple hundred for a GMS phone + lose my $55 unlmtd promo plan for supposedly better service...
  4. b20beast

    Help Need help.. Shattered screen

    Need help... i shattered my screen and needed experience on someone who has bought and installed from ebay
  5. b20beast

    Help Power button

    Anyone here having problems with the power button not working? it seems that now i have to press the button harder then before. i have always been gentle with the MOTION, never dropped.... i dont know whats the deal
  6. b20beast

    Watch the 3rd Party Presidential Debate

    Hey guys... if you would like to watch a real debate, not the left/right paradigm, not some puppets and their agenda.... please thank if you dig it!!! RT America On Air — RT On air
  7. b20beast

    whats the best JELLYBEAN based launcher

    i've had some problems with HOLO HD's widgets so i'd like to move on to something better...any ideas?
  8. b20beast

    Root HELP!!! widgets wont work with Holo launcher HD

    every time i try to add a widget to my homescreen from my app drawer, i long press a widget like system tools and I get "WARNING...install Holo launcher HD as system app to use the widgets tab (root required), otherwise you can only add widgets by long press on desktop". I'm rooted, by the way...
  9. b20beast

    problems with LTE in Miami, FL

    Hey guys. I'm wondering if anyone here is having problems with LTE. Its been down since Thursday night. Any thoughts frm others in or around miami dade county
  10. b20beast

    the best prepaid 3G/4G/4GLTE speeds

    So i've been wanting to know... im getting tired of metropcs' watered down phones and im looking to see if boost mobile 4g speed is as close to metro 4g lte or if its even worth just getting another better carriers 4G phone flashed to metro and ride on their 3G which seems to be moderate... i...