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  1. Taterus Maximus

    Accessories Trident Electra

    Trident just posted some info on a new case line they have coming out for the Evo soon, the Electra. Pretty much an extended battery Cyclops, and they'll also be making clear cases now as well. Pic can be found on their Facebook page here Trident Case | Facebook
  2. Taterus Maximus

    Angry Birds Beta (and how to load???)

    The Angry Birds beta is live and can be found in the Android Market.
  3. Taterus Maximus

    Froyo Cyanogen Mod

    CyanogenMod Targeting Eight Devices for Android 2.2 | Android Phone Fans Yep, Cyanogen has the CDMA Hero on the list for a 2.2 ROM.
  4. Taterus Maximus

    Boken Market?

    Just manually updated my PRL to 60666 but now nothing shows up in the Android Market except my downloads. Anybody else have this issue??
  5. Taterus Maximus

    Push to talk Hero

    So I was browsing another forum here and came across a thread about an app called TiKL by TiKL Inc. TiKL uses your data connection for push to talk, like a radio, tried it out with my buddy who also has a Hero and it worked like a charm. I had no idea this app was out there so I figured I'd...
  6. Taterus Maximus

    Not Android related but it will make your desktop better

    Ok, long title out of the way. My desktop was getting a little cluttered so I checked out CNet for some programs to help. I found Fences and ObjectDock from Stardock - Your Edge In Software . Like I said not Android related, but I do occasionally need to put my Hero down and use the...
  7. Taterus Maximus

    Be kind, think before you rate

    After playing around in the market for a little while looking for new and exciting apps, all I have to say is wow! Certainly not saying that it would include anyone from the forum, just putting it out there anyway. I can't even count how many apps had low ratings from people that obviously just...
  8. Taterus Maximus

    Wanted: Developer, Boise area a plus

    I have an idea for an app that I think would be pretty useful across all the Android phones, the problem is that I have no knowledge or experience in programming. Please contact me via private message if you need a new app to work on, especially if you live in the Boise area. I'm not...
  9. Taterus Maximus

    Knocking Live Video Sharing

    Wondering if anyone running 2.1 tried the Knocking app yet. Just downloaded it but haven't had a chance to check it out for myself yet. Knocking is a live video sharing app that you can get in the white market, and even works between Android and the iPhone with BB and other platform support in...
  10. Taterus Maximus

    Micro SDHC Sale

    If you don't want to risk buying one for dirt cheap off eBay, Office Depot has SanDisk Micro SDHC cards on sale right now, picked up a 8 gb for 25 bucks, about half the price of Best Buy, and the Wal Mart I went to only sold 2 gb and 4 gb in the store. I think the sale is only this week until...
  11. Taterus Maximus

    RUU issue

    I apologize as I'm sure that somewhere there's a thread on this already. However, since I've been trying to RUU my phone for several hours now I'm getting kind of tired of looking through the threads. Anyway, I was trying to go from Fresh 1.1 to Fresh 2.0, did a data and dalvik wipe, I guess one...
  12. Taterus Maximus

    Still Scrobbling??

    Has anyone had any problems with the Last FM scrobbling notification? Its been around 12 hours and apparently I'm still listening to Combat 84.