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  1. lotus49

    Repaired screen and now speaker crackles very badly

    Yesterday I replaced my screen. I have done this on several devices so I more or less know what I am doing. I was not aware of any problem while I was fixing the screen and everything else works fine but I now have a problem with the bottom speaker. The sound is so distorted as to be useless...
  2. lotus49

    Help All my alarms are silent [SOLVED]

    I overslept this morning because my alarm went off but did so silently. This was working on Sunday morning but I have tested it this morning and, although alarms do go off and the phone does vibrate if that option is ticked, the alarm is silent, which clearly isn't much use. I am not in...
  3. lotus49

    Alarm - no snooze big dismiss button

    I am a very light sleeper. I wake up immediately my alarm goes off and I like to silence it quickly so as not to disturb my wife, who gets up later than I do. The dismiss button on the Lollipop alarm is too small and if I miss, it takes ages to grab my phone, unlock it, open the alarm...
  4. lotus49

    S4 vs OnePlus One - worth the upgrade?

    I am thinking of buying a OnePlus One. Since they are like hen's teeth at the moment I haven't had the opportunity to have a proper play with one and am unlikely to get one either. Does anyone here have a OnePlus One or had the opportunity to play with one? I am wondering whether it is a...
  5. lotus49

    Logging in after enabling two factor authentication for Gmail

    I have enabled two factor authentication using Google Authenicaor. I have logged in successfully on my Xoom and my S4 but every time I try it on my Note 10.1 2014 it fails with the following error message : Couldn't sign in Can't establish a reliable connection to the server. This could be...
  6. lotus49

    Help Disable notifications for Calendar

    I use Acalendar+, which I much prefer, as my calendar but now I get notified twice for every event. Is there any way of disabling notifications for the stock calendar? I know the usual way to do this but the checkbox for notifications is greyed out.
  7. lotus49

    Help Can I downgrade my ROM?

    My Note 10.1 2014 is running Kitkat 4.4.2 (specifically ROM ND2). Can I revert to 4.3? The reason I ask is not that I prefer 4.3, 4.4.2 is a big improvement. It's just that there is a safe root exploit for some 4.3 kernels and I still haven't rooted my Note but I'd like to be able to...
  8. lotus49

    Help Unable to send text (SMS) messages

    Phone: rooted GT-i9505 running CM11 on 3 UK network For the last few days I have been unable to send any SMS messages. When I try to using Handcent (my default SMS app), there is just a rotating progress wheel that sits there rotating (for several days in some cases). There is no error...
  9. lotus49

    Help KitKat wallpaper problem

    I use Lightning Launcher with Cyanogenmod 11 (based on KitKat) on my S4. The home screen is locked to portrait orientation. When I set a 1080x1920 wallpaper (from Gallery, which is the only way I know how to do it in KitKat) it works fine for a while. When I lock my phone and then wake it up...
  10. lotus49

    Root [T-Mobile] KitKat (CM11) and Sygic

    I have been happily using Sygic (satnav app for those of you who aren't familiar with it - if you aren't, you may as well stop reading here) for a couple of years and have never had any problem with it. Two days ago I wiped my phone completely and installed Cyanogenmod 11. I decided it was...
  11. lotus49

    Help How to get rid of Saumsung Account Notice

    Since I upgraded to KitKat, I keep getting Samsung Account Notice notifications. I have no desire to use Samsung's services nor to agree to their amended terms so I keep declining but the stupid notification keeps reappearing asking the same idiotic questions to which I have already answered...
  12. lotus49

    Help RD Client - how to simulate a right click

    I have been using the Microsoft RD Client to access both a Windows 7 and an Ubuntu box. It generally works very well (particularly with Windows where the RDP server is more advanced). However, I haven't worked out how to send a right click event. What I would really like to be able to do is...
  13. lotus49

    Help Using a second S Pen while the first is in the Note

    I am thinking about getting a second S Pen (specifically this ET-S110EBEG S Pen holder kit) as the supplied one is very small for my fairly large hands. What I am wondering is whether I shall still have to remove my original S Pen from the slot in order to use the second one (which would be...
  14. lotus49

    Knox Security

    My S4 has an eFuse and once one of the more recent firmwares is installed (which fortunately is not the case with mine), rooting or installing a custom ROM will blow the eFuse meaning it won't be possible to reinstall the stock firmware. Does the Note 10.1 2014 have an eFuse and a locked...
  15. lotus49

    Alternative voices for Sygic

    Does anyone know whether there are any alternative English women's voices available for Sygic? I am not a fan of Estuary English Emma (the default UK woman's voice). I much preferred the more plummy tones of the TomTom lady on my 520 (she was called Jane - how I miss her). I even listened to...
  16. lotus49

    Alternative S-Pen Replacement

    The fact that the S-Pen is small makes sense when stowed in the Note itself but it is much smaller and thinner than any pen I have ever been comfortable with. Since it's a Wacom digitiser on the Note, would I be correct in thinking Wacom tablet pens would work with the Note? Would any others...
  17. lotus49

    ANT+ and 4.3

    I am a cyclist and I have an S4 which is currently running stock rooted 4.2 (pre Knox). I shan't be installing any more stock ROMs because of Knox but I understand that Cyanogenmod based on 4.3 for the S4 is now out and I'm thinking of upgrading. My only real reason for doing so is that I had...
  18. lotus49

    Help How to delete calendars?

    I have no fewer than 10 calendars on my S4 (a legacy of months of struggling to find a desktop syncing solution). I don't and never will use most of them but I don't know how to delete them. Can anyone give me a pointer please?
  19. lotus49

    Help SwiftKey and a physical keyboard

    I hate autocorrect because I am an accurate typist and nine times out of ten, the "correction" is incorrect. I use SwiftKey and have turned off autocorrect (spacebar always inserts a space) and it works as I would wish. However, when I use a Bluetooth keyboard, SwiftKey reverts to autocorrect...
  20. lotus49

    Help How to back up an S4?

    I have long since given up trying to find a decent solution to syncing my S4 with my desktop because no decent solution (or for that matter, one that isn't completely and utterly crap) exists but one area I would appreciate some help with is backing up my S4. I use Titanium Backup Pro as well...
  21. lotus49

    Root [International] Restoring backups after installing a new ROM

    I recently tried the Google Edition ROM out of curiosity to see whether it would make my phone seem quicker. I had been assured by another poster here that all S4s lagged and if I didn't think so (and I didn't) it was only because I was used to performance on stock Samsung ROMs. The GE ROM...
  22. lotus49

    Help How to adjust mouse speed

    I can connect my Bluetooth mouse to my Xoom fine but it's much too fast so moving the mouse about 1cm moves the cursor from the bottom right corner to the top left corner . How do I adjust the speed of the mouse?
  23. lotus49

    Root [International] Cyanogenmod experiences?

    Following a discussion with someone else on this forum who insisted that all S4s with stock ROMs lag, I decided to try a Google Play Edition ROM on my S4 to see whether I could tell the difference in terms of speed and responsiveness but I couldn't. My S4 has always felt snappy and lag free and...
  24. lotus49

    Help Back up widgets

    Every now and then and for no apparent reason, my launcher refuses to load my home screen widgets and I have to add them all back again, reconfiguring each of them manually. The error message I get in my current launcher (Lightning) is "Couldn't add widget." in a dark grey box the size of the...
  25. lotus49

    Root [International] 3 UK S4 and TWRP

    I would like to install a custom recovery on my UK 3 S4. I saw a video on YouTube that showed how to do this using GooManager, which looked much easier than faffing around with dd in a terminal or using Odin (which is the only reason I ever use Windows). I installed GooManager but when I...