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    My First Impression with NV/LTE=Underwhelming

    Meh. This forum has been quiet, so I thought I give it a kick. :rolleyes: I am currently in one of the NV/LTE rollout second round market. Was quite excited when 4G showed up on my SG Note 2 notification bar. It was intermittent of course, understandable, and the pain with tower switching...
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    Swiftkey Flow and Samsung Keyboard

    I appreciate Sprint for allowing the Samsung keyboard to remain and I love it. Due to the fact that Swiftkey Flow is included with it along with Predictive Text capability. My question is, with the recent announcement that Swiftkey Flow is out of beta, how close is it to what's included in the...
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    Sprint Discount Through Referral Program Recently?

    I am currently getting a 25% discount on the Sprint Family Plan. It used to be pretty good, but they have changed it to now the 25% is only applied once to the initial plan price $110, subsequent lines and services receive no discounts. Well, better than nothing, obviously. But, a Sprint...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note II $199 on Amazon

    New customer or add a line to existing account for $199, upgrade for $249. I'm hoping others will do similar for Christmas shopping. What do you all think?
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    How a Sprint Phone is Born

    Great article from PhoneScoop: How a Sprint Phone Is Born (Phone Scoop) Cool article describing how Sprint works with OEMs and how long they test a phone before launch day (almost a year). There's also a Roadmap diagram attached to the article, not sure how old, but if it takes them a year...
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    Software Update - FC09

    Sprint Community: 3/26 - Samsung Epic 4G Software Update - FC09 Enhancements/Fixes - Force close error when receiving a call - Sprint Connections Optimizer Sprint Community: Services and Apps: Sprint Connections Optimizer I really do not understand how this "Optimizer" is going to be...
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    Surprised No Whining/Complaining of No SD Card Included

    I do find it interesting that none is included. The original Epic came with a 16GB.
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    TEP Protection App

    Anyone made use of this app and it paid off for you? There are so many of these type of apps, albeit this is free as it is part of the monthly Sprint TEP protection. Not interested in the backup and restore contacts option, but the locate, remote lock and wipe options look nice. Do I have to...
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    TouchWiz UX Emulator - Try Before Download

    just found this while trying to research helpful info for someone. it is emulator for the tablet with TW UX. so, you can try before you buy (download). Samsung Interactive Emulator
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    Root So Who's Running a ROM?

    so, what ROM has people tried and liked? any recommendations?
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    Here's one for you...

    i have auto-brightness turned off and usually at the lowest setting (unless i'm outdoors). but, during each phone call, the system would auto-adjust the brightness, usually when i'm on speakerphone or have to use the dial-pad during the call. a bit of an annoyance as i have to readjust after...
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    Can't Submit App Review in Market?

    Downloaded opera mobile and wanted to submit review but there's no option like on phone. Weird. Bug or on purpose?
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    Belkin Slim Folio Case

    Just got the SGT 10.1 a couple days ago and felt it definitely needed a case. I didn't want a case to take away the main reason why I got this thing, but didn't want to spend an arm and a leg either (or wait too long). There are not many options out there, but my local BB carried a couple of...
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    Rumored Epic 4G 2

    A bit disappointed, but also somewhat glad. Disappointed that it's still single core. Glad that my Epic is not falling much behind a year into it. What do you all think? Rumor: Sprint Bringing Epic 4G 2, 4G Galaxy S II in Q3
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    International Phone Means International Roaming?

    With the recent announcement of a couple of Android international devices (current Motorola XPRT and up coming Motorola Photon 4G), i'm trying to understand the benefit and cost savings. i'm assuming these can do both voice/text and data internationally (right?) i understand that these phones...
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    Help Printing Email from Epic

    dumb question, how do i print an email? i have a bluetooth enable printer and would like to print an email from the stock email app. i can't find an option from the email itself to send to the printer. (can do this from the gallery with the share option to bluetooth, where i choose the paired...
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    Dual-Core Tablet $215 Worth It?

    i played with the augen a while back and that's my extent with android tablets. been keeping tab on the android tablet evolution since. with the news of the Rena3, a dual-core Android 2.2 tablet for $215, i'm intrigued. is it worth it? do you all think they might be cutting too much corners...
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    New Usage for Slider Keyboard

    been watching lengthy videos recently and found a great way to hold the epic. open the slider and it's a lot more comfortable holding. :D
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    Help What Am I Missing with Sprint ID?

    sprint id on the epic is an option. you don't have to use it if you don't want to. i don't understand why people are complaining about it. if you chose to use sprint id, all it does is download and install a bunch of liked apps, wallpaper and widgets, right? you can choose to remove the...
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    You Have to See It to Believe It

    I just came across this thread from a trusted long time Sprint user. You cannot believe the reduced nationwide coverage by Sprint. It might not be worth it to remain or become a Sprint customer after all. You have to see it to believe it: Sprint Community: Voice and 3G coverage being...
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    Dropping My Android for the iPhone

    Not...I just got punked by that Rob guy, so :p
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    What's Your Favorite Browser Now?

    Well, now with flash support on the Epic along with new and improved browser apps, I was curious to see which browser would be my new favorite. For the past few months, my favorite was Dolphin HD for more extended browsing (I like the gestures, too) and xScope for quick reads. With Firefox 4...
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    Help Cracked Camera Lens Cover

    just noticed the camera lens cover is cracked. not sure how long they have been there since recent photos look fine. anyone know how to replace the lens cover, or have had it replaced and how? :confused::(
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    NVIDIA Tegra 2 vs Epic GPU

    how far behind is the Epic Hummingbird GPU compared to the NVIDIA Tegra 2 devices? some games are coming out saying they are optimized for NVIDIA Tegra devices. should i bother trying them on the Epic? :confused:
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    Juice Defender 3.2.9 on Your Epic?

    i've actually stopped using J/D for a while, just because i wasn't putting the epic through the wringer daily. recently, i started it and found out there's a newer version 3.2.9, total upgrade. i've tried using it, just the free version of 3.2.9, and seems like it's not compatible with 4G...