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  1. rcourt529

    Help Location of thumbnail images

    Anyone know what the file directory is for the thumbnail images? On my OG droid there was a folder that had thumbnails in it with all of the photos that had been taken on the phone, including photos that had been deleted from the phone. I dont know if this was a root only situation or not. My OG...
  2. rcourt529

    Help Wifi Connection Issue

    I keep getting connection time out errors and super slow response times when the nexus is connected to wifi. Right now a 3G connection with 1 bar is faster then the wifi connection with all 4 bars...something's not right here. I tried connecting to the wifi with my OG droid and it worked great...
  3. rcourt529

    Calendar/Task List widgets for Nexus

    What calendar/task list widgets are you using? The one I used on my previous phone (OG) was a launcherpro widget and I loved it but I dont want to run launcherpro on the nexus. Anyone know if there's one similar to it?
  4. rcourt529

    Root Can you change increments on battery meter?

    I recently downloaded the app: Battery Solo Widget and on the screen preview it shows the battery meter at 69 meaning it can move at 1% intervals. I downloaded the widget and ran it on my desktop and it only moves in increments of 10 ie: 100, 90, 80, 70, etc. Is there a setting on this widget or...
  5. rcourt529

    Root How do I stop OTA notifications?

    I have Bugless Beast V.04 with the Bugless evolution theme on my Droid and just about every day or every other day I get the OTA updates to get 2.2/Adobe. I downloaded the patch that Pete Alfonso posted on his website and have flashed it 2 times now and I am still getting the OTA update...
  6. rcourt529

    Help Droid vibrates when powering off.

    Does anyone know how to disable the vibrate that occurs as you are shutting down your phone? I have my phone on silent mode at all times and it never vibrates for anything except for when I shut down my phone. My phone is rooted and is running Pete's Bugless Beast V.04 and has the Bugless...
  7. rcourt529

    Help Unsync Backup Assistant

    Anyone know how to un-sync or remove Backup Assistant from the Droid 2? I am helping my mom setup her phone and she had the guys down at Verizon swap all her contacts from her old phone to her Droid 2, but now she wants it undone. I know nothing about Backup Assistant and how it works...the...
  8. rcourt529

    Help How can I uninstall Pandora?

    Anyone know how I can uninstall Pandora from my phone? If I go into Menu>Settings>Manage Applications...Pandora isn't listed and if I go into the market and try to uninstall, the button is unclickable. (My phone is rooted and is running Bugless Beast V0.4)
  9. rcourt529

    Full Screen Widgets

    Anyone got any recommendations for full screen widgets? I just got the Launcher Pro Plus widgets which includes: People, Bookmarks and Calendar...but want to see what others there are...
  10. rcourt529

    Anyone know what clock/weather widget this is?

    Anyone know what clock/weather widget the screenshot on the far left is using?
  11. rcourt529

    Help Facebook app: refresh error

    Is anyone else getting this error when trying to refresh notifications on facebook: Cannot retrieve the notifications. Please try again later. [601/parser error;unexpected '-' at position 57] Any kind of resolution for it?