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  1. tcat007

    Groove IP + which phone?

    Looking for "best" older android phone that Groove IP works "flawlessly" on (or at least good voice quality with few problems). I use it on my Nexus 7 and have no phone. I use T-mobile Wifi Hotspot for 4G. Just want a phone to leave in my car (or pocket), just for wifi calling (when I don't...
  2. tcat007

    Nexus 7 on 4G

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but thought I'd pass this on (sorry if this has been discussed). I bought a T-Mobile 4G Hotspot device at Walmart ($84). Got it set up, and Nexus 7 connects with no problem. Download speed 7144, upload 1716. What's amazing is my phone is on...
  3. tcat007

    Amazon cloud player

    I just got notified that every song I've purchased at Amazon is now available for download. I guess its always been, but I decided to install their cloud player and was happy to see every CD I've bought as a gift is there. It's nice to have ability to download (like Play). Player seems to work...
  4. tcat007

    Root Best ROM?

    OK, rooted my OV about a year ago. Since I bought a Nexus 7 haven't used it much. Decided it was time to try flashing a ROM or "something" (never done that). My OV has been getting laggy, and only shows 50mb internal memory, after uninstalling 75% of my apps. I wiped D cache and relinked...
  5. tcat007

    Help "Trusty" old OV

    Lots of odd things started happening today, 1st problems in more than a year (and I seldom use it). Keyboard entries (Swype or Android) don't register in fields. Scrolling wallpaper stopped scrolling. Amazon App store real slow if not dead. Browser works (if you don't have to enter anything...
  6. tcat007

    Free Music

    I typically don't like 90% of the free stuff at the Play store, but I actually downloaded 6 of the 10 free songs today, under "Free Music New Indie, Hip-Hop, Electronic and More". Just thought I'd mention this if you're like me and don't check it that too often.
  7. tcat007

    Gmail through browser

    I've been using gmail thru my browser lately (xscope), and liking it better than k9. I've used k9 for more than a year, but it has never really treated deleted emails correctly. Using the browser, it mirrors my PC use. Is there an app that gives gmail notifications if browser is off? I get them...
  8. tcat007

    SMS forwarding

    Is there a way (app) that will forward an SMS from a phone (Optimus-V) to a wifi tablet (Galaxy Player)? Now that I have a 5" screen, I seldom use my phone, but once a month I get a text from VM. I would like to get that text in Google Voice (or some other SMS app) on my Player.
  9. tcat007

    Power Amp

    On sale right now. With all the hype I finally bought it (my 2nd app purchase, 1st being GrooveIP). I wouldn't pay $5 but at $2 I figure it's worth a try. Sound is great. I don't really like the UI (compared to what I am use to with Cubed)... but sound is what matters. Widgets are terrible...
  10. tcat007

    Cubed Player

    I love this app because it has (had) nice widgets. The latest update killed the widgets... somehow the title is getting overlayed on the art. Uninstalling and going back to a backed up version. Before: After:
  11. tcat007

    Google Voice Update

    I am able to make wifi calls with Google Voice now (no other app required). It does force close on my Galaxy Player once I hang up, but call went through Google Chat, just like on a PC. I was/am using Groove IP for this, and also noticed GrooveIP also force closes on hang up. Anyone else have...
  12. tcat007

    Another Bowser Thread...

    I keep bouncing between browsers, thought Boat Mini was my fav, now Dolphin HD... So I thought I'd do an interesting test on the 3 browsers I have on my Galaxy Player 5.0. I turned on Power Tudor to test average power consumed in an application. Then opened 4 browser URL's (Facebook, Google...
  13. tcat007

    K9 .zip files

    Is there away that you can unzip and open files within a zip, directly from a zip attachment in K9 mail? I can download it to SD, then open my file explorer and unzip, but it would be nice to unzip like on a PC, just click and view the file you want directly.
  14. tcat007

    Galaxy Player 4.0 & 5.0 Forum

    Maybe a new section for these players? Something like these: Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0, 5.0 - xda-developers I prefer this site to many of the others! :)
  15. tcat007

    Wireless Access Point

    I want to set up a WAP at my office. It's a wired DHCP ethernetwork, off a DSL modem (Netopia 3000). What's the cheapest/easiest way to add an access point for a cell phone or tablet? I'm looking at TP-Link WAP's at Amazon for about $40.00. Can I just plug one of those into a free ethernet...
  16. tcat007

    Playing Amazon Song previews

    When I hit the play button on a song sample (Amazon), it downloads the sample rather than plays it. Is there a way to have it play? The downloaded file (.m3u) doesn't play either. I'm using Boat Browser, maybe another browser will work?
  17. tcat007

    Galaxy 5.0

    Curious why the Galaxy Wifi 5.0 device isn't listed anywhere here. It's "called" an MP3 player, but sure looks like a good small "tablet": Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Android MP3 Player: MP3 Players & Accessories Has Android 2.3.5, Wifi, Front and rear camera, GPS, market, good screen...
  18. tcat007

    Swype "Enter" key

    I can't figure out how to "enter" an item and have it go to the next item. example: entering an ID then a password. When I enter the ID, the keyboard covers up the PW blank, so I have to back out and then click the PW space. If I hit the lower right "return" key, it acts like you have...
  19. tcat007

    Data Plans

    OK, I'm thinking of buying a Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, or Mediapad (Springboard), and wondered what the lowest cost data plan is out there? Can data plans be bought by any provider and used on any tablet? I don't care about cell coverage, just 3G or 4G data on the tablet while away from wifi. I'm...
  20. tcat007

    K9 observation

    I was playing with my Gmail page on my PC, decided to change one of my folders from "Work" to "WORK". I don't check mail on my phone too often, but a day later I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting mail on my phone. I kept hitting "refresh", it kept polling and delivering nothing. I have...
  21. tcat007

    Photo Edit PNG's

    Is there an app that will take a png file (or .gif) with a transparent background, let you edit it and preserve the transparent background? I use PSE on my PC, not a big problem with dropbox, but it would be nice if an app would do it.
  22. tcat007

    Flyer vs. Galaxy 7 Plus?

    Is the Galaxy Tab worth an extra $100? Galaxy Tab 7 Plus @ $399 android 3.2 1.2hz. dual core 3mp camera 12.2 oz. IR remote HTC Flyer @ $299 android 2.3 1.5hz. single 5 mp camera 14.8 oz.
  23. tcat007

    Root Android log files

    I posted this in the Applications section, but I think there are more "techies" here, so maybe I'll get more responses here. I use "Android System Info", and there is a log section that lists recent system activity. Yellows are warnings, reds are errors... Yellow...
  24. tcat007

    Analysing log files

    I use "Android System Info", and there is a log section that lists recent system activity. Yellows are warnings, reds are errors... Yellow: W/InputManagerService(114) Window already focused. ignoring focus gain of: view ITnputMethodClient$Stub$Proxy@45c14520 Red...
  25. tcat007

    Maps Update

    I use Appbrain for updating apps. Maps updated yesterday (to 5.11), but I still show "Maps" on top saying it needs an update, and also shows in the apps list as "Maps Update 5.11". I hit the update again, and seems to reinstall, but still remains on the top ready to update list (after...