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    TSF Launcher uninstall

    I loaded TSF Launcher Prime to test it out. Well, two things. One I can't get it to let me go back to my stock launcher as default. Two, I can't uninstall it, I have tried going through my application manager, no luck. Installed a third party app and that didn't work either. Any suggestions??
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    new notification icon

    After I updated to 4.4.2 I have a new icon in my notification bar. It looks like the letter "Z" turned on its side. What does it mean?
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    Help Google Play APK

    Can someone send me the Google APK? TIA
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    Will a ICS Leak block the alert for new updates

    I am on. 232 rooted. I live in NC so I'm not sure if we are even getting the download. I know that I will need to flash back to. 902 or. 905 to load the new OTA. My question is since I'm on. 232 do you think that can block the download alert?
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    Root Safe Strap Issue

    OK, I installed safe strap so I could boot into recovery and install Google Talk. When I boot into recovery and select install zip from sd card it says safe strap not enabled and I can't figure out how to enable it. Any suggestions. TIA
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    Root No Screen Lock

    I installed ICS. 232 last Friday and have been enjoying it so much I just realized that I dont have the stock screen lock that comes with ICS. I was using ICS. 229 Have I accidentally disabled it? If so how can I enable it? I use the webtop a lot if that has anything to do with it TIA
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    Root NAND Unlock

    I am trying to freeze some apps using Antek Manager. On many of the Apps it will not freeze them and says I must first unlock NAND on my phone. ?????
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    Help video camera playback

    I am on the ICS leak. 2231. Been on it for over a week but I just noticed I can't play back any of my camera videos. pre or post ics. Anyone else experience this?
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    Help chrome browser issue

    I'm on the ICS leak and therefore also on Webtop 3.0. I have started using the Chrome browser but cant seem to get Abode flash installed. Every time I try to view a video clip I get the warning that I need to install the flash player which I have. Any suggestions?
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    Help Notification Icon size

    Is there a way to enlarge the notification icons (4g, signal, battery, etc.) Mind seem small compared to my old "X"
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    Help Webtop changes

    Since I installed the ICS leak I no longer have the Mozilla browser on my Lapdock. should it be gone or am I not enabling something?
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    Root Best / Easiest root method for ICS leak?

    As the title states? Any suggestions?
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    clock speed

    just flashed ics .229. how do I check processor clock speed
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    Help Cant find ICS zip in stock recovery

    I recently moved from an X to the Bionic. I have rooted it and really am enjoying it especially with the lapdock. How......ever I am trying to install the ICS 4.0,4 zip. I downloaded the file and put it on my sd card root. I unrooted the phone then went into stock recovery but I cant find the...
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    Help Dropbox to SD card root

    I can't seem to figure out how to move a file from Dropbox to my SD card. Any help?
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    Root .wmv video?

    Happy Holidays All! I am running CM7 7.1.0 encore and things are great except I can't play video clips that are. wmv Is there a solution or work around for this issue? TYA
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    Root backup and ROM problems

    I have been trying to load a new nightly update for months now but. I'm having no luck. Every time I download a new build I get the prompt to backup my current ROM, etc. I get about halfway thru the backup and it freezes. Since I Can't backup I have to reboot and just try in flash the update but...
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    Root Superuser Update problems

    My superuser app keeps trying to update but fails every time. It keeps saying package file was not signed correctly. any suggestions?
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    Root .605 bouchigo mods

    Got bored today so I flashed the. 605 deodex and rooted rom. I would like to use Bo's mods like circle bat and clock removal. Can I use the. 602 mods
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    Red Triangle w/exclamation point?

    Occasionally I will receive a text with a red triangle and exclamation point. what does that mean?
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    Root Need Adobe Flash

    Because I'm on a recent CM7 nightly build I can't get the full market. I need Adobe Flash. Any suggestions on how to get it?
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    Root google apps prob

    I decided to update to nightly #177 today. Haven't updated since #122. For some reason Some apps I would like to download do not give me the option to download. The app appears with its description and all but there is no button to download. I did flash galls but I'm sure it is an old version...
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    Root Full SBF to .596?

    As the title says is there a full SBF to .596? I haven't done any SBFing for a while because the leaked .596 pre rooted has been so stable and good. I want to update to .602 then use the One Click root method. I would assume it is easier to SBF straigth to .596 and take the OTA than to SBF to...
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    Root Cm7 nightlies

    I,m running CM7 Encore and over the past few days it has become a little unstable. Force closes, etc. Can anyone recommend a newer nightly build they feel is stable. Thanks
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    Forwarding a Voice Mail

    Is there a way I can forward a voice mail I have saved on my X to someone else