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  1. dvdavid888

    Root What device have you moved on to

    Well Its that time to retire my LG Volt I have been looking for a new toy. Just curious on what device my fellow Volt users moved on to or will be moving to. Let me know what device use guys recommend. Device has to be able to be rooted I will appreciate any recommendations thanks
  2. dvdavid888

    Root Memory Tuning for Android 5.0 and 5.1

    I Was reading this article found it very interesting and helpful especially understanding how z-ram works and Android memory management
  3. dvdavid888

    Root Kernel Features

    Hello all i was just wondering in Candy5 rom and Blisspop they list Kernel Features (by CaptivateKing (xda) Rom-Jeremy (github)( ) -Kernel version 3.4.106 -Compiled with UBERTC 4.8 -Added TCP congestion options (veno,yeah,westwood)...
  4. dvdavid888

    Root Is there any way to map headphone buttons

    Is there anyway to map what the headphones buttons do I have a set that has three buttons volume up and down work but center button does nothing I would also like to set what double pressing volume up or down does any information is appreciated
  5. dvdavid888

    Root Front lights (back home menu) are staying on

    Hello all so I took out my old Zte awe out to give to my son and I noticed it was 100% dead usually I put my old devices away with 50% charge granted I not expecting it to stay at that while in storage so I charged it up and noticed that when I power the device off the light are staying on (...
  6. dvdavid888

    Root Is there any easy way to toggle (preferred) network types, e.g., 2G, 3G, 2G/3G, LTE?

    Is there any easy way to switch between 2G/3G/4G mode? What I am looking for is a simple way to switch (preferred) network types, e.g., 2G, 3G, 2G/3G, LTE. I looked at this app Toggle Network Type 5.0 but it doesn't work with my version of KitKat I'm running stock ZV6 Xperia.
  7. dvdavid888

    Root Is there any overclock kernels besides the one we have for stock

    Is there a overclock kernel available for non stock rom?
  8. dvdavid888

    Root What ROMs are available or in the work's

    Just recently got my Lg Volt from sprint looking to flash a custom ROM stock is just killing me. Just wanted to know what Roms are available or In the works And How stable each ROM is.
  9. dvdavid888

    Root Any developers interested in LG Volt

    Hello all was wondering if any of the developers from here were interested in giving a hand just read a post where one gentleman is giving a LG volt away to any developer that might be interested I recently purchased a LG volt I still have my ZTE Awe which all you developer's have made just...
  10. dvdavid888

    Root What's Next after ZTE Awe?

    Just curious what phone is most Zte users going to next? Currently looking for a new toy will take any recommendations.
  11. dvdavid888

    Root What OC kernel are you using and what governor, Frequency,Turner app, and so on .....

    What OC kernel are you using and what settings governor, Frequency,Turner app, and so on ..... Are working for you? I want to see what configuration is working on most Zte Awe phones
  12. dvdavid888

    Root Just received this update notification this afternoon is this the same update that's been going arou

    Just got this update notification this afternoon was wondering if it's worth installing and is it the same b07 update that's been going around
  13. dvdavid888

    Root Which rom should I run which one will you recommend

    I'm looking for something to run on the daily basis so it must be stable or somewhat stable I'm currently running moonshine I like to have the performance options as well as a kernel that supports overclocking and something with a nice easy interface if I had to choose between glamour and...