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  1. jaj324

    Pre-installed Office App?

    What, if any, office app came pre-installed on your Note 5? I have the AT&T version and just realized that it didn't come with any office app.
  2. jaj324

    Contacts question

    On my Note 4 I was able to choose which contacts appeared in my contact list. On the Note 5 I see the option to use a "customized view" but I can't figure out how to choose the groups I want to include! Anyone else having that problem??
  3. jaj324

    AT&T Update

    Anyone else receive an AT&T update in the last 24 hours?
  4. jaj324

    Android Forums vs ...

    I'm curious, who here is also a member of the Android Central forums? I was banned from A.C. so long ago that I can't even remember what for. The thing is I joined these forums before AC and haven't had any issues with anyone here. I'm thinking that the attitude over at A.C. is much different...
  5. jaj324


    Now that Evernote is baked in to the AT&T Note 4 and can't be disabled, who's using it? Anyone? I've had an Evernote acct for years and the app is very high quality. The desktop app works well and the sync is perfect. I just can't seem to find the right use for it.
  6. jaj324

    Google News & Weather

    Does anyone else use Google News and Weather?? If so, how 'bout that new dark theme!! It's about time Google started giving dark option on their apps. Hopefully that will continue with the core Google apps.
  7. jaj324

    Office App

    Hancom Office came pre-installed on my Note 4. Google has Docs, Sheets and Slides. Microsoft has Office for Android.... Which is better???
  8. jaj324


    Has anyone else tried Aviate on their Note 4?
  9. jaj324

    Screen burn in

    This could be a problem. I noticed that the on screen buttons have already begun to burn in at the bottom of the screen, in 2 days!! I use my phone in portrait mode almost all of the time. Last night when I rotated to landscape I could still see the outline of the 3 onscreen buttons on the...
  10. jaj324

    Google Messenger

    Anyone else rocking the new Google Messenger app??
  11. jaj324

    AT&T Nexus 6 (Will it have carrier bloat?)

    This is how bloat works on Windowsphone. When you log-in with your Microsoft acct the bloat automatically downloads, BUT, you can completely uninstall it. I'm glad Android finally got with the program. AT&T Will Muddy Up Your Pristine Nexus 6 With Bloatware AT&T is adding a ton of...
  12. jaj324

    Gmail 5.0 or Inbox??

    It looks like Gmail 5.0 is live in the Play Store. So which will you be using Gmail or Inbox?
  13. jaj324


    I predict that the qHD screen on the Note 4 will end up being an issue rather than a feature. Samsung has outdone themselves with the high res screen. The Note 4 will suffer from performance and battery life issues and it will be traced back to the screen. The same phone with Samsung"s best...
  14. jaj324

    Hard choice

    I stopped by an AT&T store today to take a close look at the HTC M8. I'm trying to make sure that the Note 4 is the phone I want. (last year I kept the N3 for 1 week b4 I returned it and got a G2). While I was there I took another look at the iPhone 6 Plus. Wow, that is a beautiful phone. I...
  15. jaj324

    Changed my mind.....

    I decided that the Note 4 would be my next phone on the day that it was announced. I have now changed my mind based on my experience with my new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. I picked it up yesterday at Best Buy and have really enjoyed the first 24 hours with this device. It is well worth the $279...
  16. jaj324

    Knock on

    Is it possible to have the "knock on" or "tap on" feature without rooting a N5?
  17. jaj324

    Root [AT&T] another newbie question

    When 4.4 rolls out for my at&t G2 and I dl it to my phone will my phone still be rooted or not? If it's not rooted any longer will all the at&t/LG bloatware that I deleted be back on my phone? When I say deleted I mean all the way deleted, not frozen. When I did a factory reset recently my...
  18. jaj324

    Root [AT&T] Newbie...

    I rooted my G2 and have a few questions. If I don't plan on flashing a custom ROM do I need titanium backup?? All I really wanted to do is uninstall bloat which I did with clean master.
  19. jaj324


    Are you using Chrome or the built in browser on your note 3?
  20. jaj324

    To JB or not to JB??

    So I've had my Note LTE for a few days now and I thought about upgrading from BG to ICS. I dl'ed the latest version of Kies only to find out that if I upgrade there it will have to be to JB. My question is this. For those of you who had your Note running GB but are now running JB would you...
  21. jaj324

    New Note owner - a few questions

    I have NIB AT&T Note coming next Wednesday and I have a few questions. 1. The ebay seller I bought it from says it's running GB. Can I upgrade to ICS instead of JB? 2. If all I want the phone to do is voice, txt, email, FB, Twitter (Plume) and TWC app should I just leave GB on it? I...
  22. jaj324

    Social Hub

    I picked up a Nexus 7 last week and noticed that 4.3 doesn't have the Social Hub like my old Samsung 7.0 Plus has. When did that go away?