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    Apps how use a app input to login to a webpage Just for ideas.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using a app input like from a textview and using this information to log into a webpage inside the app. So say I have a app that you have to login to open. I store the username and pass to a variable. I have a web view that has a webpage that...
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    Apps Https SSLPeerUnverifiedException

    I am trying to connection to a goDaddy server with at cert from them that I have installed in the raw resource folder in the app. I am trying to download a json file form it but then get this exception. Hostname domaibname not verified: This is a common...
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    Apps How to build a loading please wait from a activity that not async

    So this is a tuff one. I have a activity that calls a class that call a http downloader which is the async task. What I want to do is have a please wait loading screen notification for the user while the activity is getting all the data from the web. I don't have a clue on how to get the loading...
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    Apps (HTTPLog)-Static: isSBSettingEnabled false Errors

    So I have been doing my homework on this and pretty much found that its a Samsung phone issues. Something to do with the rom I think. So I have this app that use one HttpClient class that uses UrlConnection to download and send data to where I want it to. This works great on the emulator and...
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    Apps Android app crashes when I add a button to the layout xml file

    So I have been having this issues for two days now and don't know why this is happening. When I try to update the layout xml file for a activity by just adding a button it crashes the class. When I delete the button it works fine. The button doesn't even have to do anything just be there and it...
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    Apps A good barcode generator for andorid apps

    I am looking for a good barcode generator for use in a app. I have been looking a ZXing, but from what i have read it is only good for reading. But, I have also see somethings about it being able to generate them as well. I also have been looking at
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    Apps GCM with online server testing

    i am working at trying to get a simple GCM push notification to my test app. i am basically using the Googles tutorial and got the whole app set up except for the sendRegistrationToServer(String token) method yet. I just don't know what to put in this me. I found this tutorial but I dont...
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    Apps HTTPS with selfsign cert

    I have been working at using a self-signed cert for downloading a image from a server. I have tried using the Android dev site's example, but to no success. I have downloaded the cert from the server and saved it into the res/raw folder in the android project. I tried accessing the site with my...
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    Apps HTTPS with self signed cert

    So i have been trying to use the android dev site's tutorial on how to use a custom trust manager to allow for connection to a self-signed server. This one But when I write this line...
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    Apps Passing Data from a Ansunc class to another class

    So I have been working on this and now I am stuck. I have got some useful tips here and there but I can not figure out how to get the data out of the callBack method so I can use it in the parsing method. What I am trying to do is to download a JSon file from the web (This is done fine and...
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    Apps InputStream text file from internet

    I have been working on getting a text file from the internet and so far ok. But I hit a bit of a wall. The code runs all the way to the point where it is looking at the inputStream and start processing it. It doesn't enter into the try statement at all. The value is right when I looked at the...
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    Apps How to use a local file to test a program

    Hello, I was wondering how to use a local file (i.e. something off you local disk drive C:) for testing purposes. I am working on understanding the URLConnection thing in android and want to try to bring a txt file in for processing, but I don't know how to because C: is not a valid html code...
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    Apps JSON Parser help

    Ok so I have been working on getting this JSON parser to work and I feel the code is right, but I cannot get any results from it. It keeps giving me that the output is Null Node. i am kind of stumped on this as I dont know what I did wrong. So here is the main activity where the button is...
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    Apps Best way to download and store Images to an app

    Hi everyone. Ok so I am working out how to best accomplish this task. So the basics are; 1: I want to download a image with a accompanying URL using REST with JSON from a server. 2: I want to crate an object that has both the image and the URL so they are linked as one object 3: I want to store...
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    Hi guys I am starting to learn android and hoping to get good at it so I can start making my own games and stuff. I hope we can all get along together!