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    When I get a text on my phone or while driving some of my contact names aren't showing just the number when they have in the past. Is there a reason why this would be happening?
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    Recently when I get a text from certain individuals it just says the number not the name or the picture attached to them? Why would it change?
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    Is there way for stop the zooming when double tap the screen. If I enter a phone number with 2 numbers that are the same in a row too fast it will zoom and then I can't see the whole screen. I've looked in gestures and I don't see it there.
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    Just recently I've had issues with my phone connected to my jeep with a usb cord and when I tell Google to text so and so it thinks about it and then says sounds good! Doesn't ask me who I want to text? Weird
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    Android Auto

    My husband and I have the Google Pixel Xl 3. I use the Android Auto but he doesn't and he drives for his job. I've tried to disable it for him, force stop etc. cause he hates when he wakes up his phone it's there after he's been driving. Is there anyway to stop it from popping back up or...
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    This morning I went to check if there were any apps I needed to update and I keep getting a message saying Error checking for updates, no apps show below it, nothing showing under the installed tab. I was going to disable it but it says it might not work properly same with force stop.
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    My husband has the Google Pixel XL 3 in a case and holster which he keeps in his Playmate Igloo cooler most of the time while at work. The battery drains from just being in there due to the ice pack. Is there any work around to this, a different case? TYIA
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    If I've entered tasks on my PC while in my google calendar, where would I find them on my Pixel XL? TYIA
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    Double Tap zooming in

    Everytime I double tap my screen zooms in - I didn't mean to - how I stop it from doing this? It's very frustrating cause then I can't see why whole screen if I'm looking to hit the send button.
  10. agpthng

    Pixel XL and Portrait Mode

    I "Googled" this morning will the Google Pixel XL ever get an update with Portrait Mode in it and I got a link to download it, now I have 2 cameras in my apps. Is that "normal". TYIA Carol
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    This morning my Google Pixel XL had a system update. I already had Android 9 does anyone what the update did beside it saying fixing bugs. TYIA
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    Help Accuweather and Service Link

    Lately when I wake up my Google Pixel XL Accuweather is refresing i guess and then I get a notification that Service Link is trying to connect. If uninstalled Accuweather and reinstalled it to see if that changes and it's still there. I don't have an app on my phone called servicelink and I...
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    When I was traveling yesterday, following my map, I had no audio of the directions. Im not sure if it was because it was paired with what I was driving but it didn't come out of the speakers either. I don't think this phone has an app that detects that you're moving and silences your phone...
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    Help Droid turbo 2 delay in calling and answer

    Lately my husband's Droid Turbo 2 is experiencing a delay after he places a call or when he answers a call anybody else had the same issue.
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    Yesterday, when I opened my tablet case, normally my tablet wakes up. All it showed was the clock. I couldn't swipe down and had the darnest time restarting the tablet. I took it out of the case and tried to clear the cache, restore and nothing. The screen was on but not. So I finally was...
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    Texting Apps Similar to FB

    Is there any texting apps that are similar to Facebook Message app used as a texting app where you can do things like you can with snapchat?
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    What Texting App do you use?

    I've been using Verizon's Messaging + app and like it but since the Oreo update I don't have the option to change the notification sound in the app nor in my settings. Whatever I have in settings as the stock notification sound is what is the sound for all notifications. Not liking this latest...
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    Oreo update messed up notification sounds

    Since the Oreo update on my Google Pixel XL, I can't have a notification for my texting app - Verizon Message + - and my email say or instagram. They are all the same sound. Whatever I chose under sounds setting. Is there a fix for this? I've uninstalled Verizon Message+ and reinstalled and...
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    Oreo update messed up notification sounds

    Has anyone else experienced there notification sounds have messed up since the latest Oreo update? I can now no longer have my text message different than my standard message.
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    It's happened a couple of times when I've restarted my tablet, it gets stuck at the Google logo. I have my tablet in a case that has automatic sleep/wake. After trying to go into safe mode, my son suggested that I take it out of the case, viola! It worked. It hasn't done this only recently...
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    Wallpaper disappears

    Ever since the latest update to Oreo every couple of days my wallpaper half disappears and I have to restart the phone any fix for this?
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    Call History

    I noticed I hadn't cleaned out my call history in awhile. By not doing so, do you find that it slows down anything? Thank you in advance.
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    I'm new to Google Pixel XL - have had Motorola phones in the past. Is there a quick way to know if certain pictures are only on your devise or device and Google. Thank you in advance.
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    I'm still experimenting with taking pictures and I noticed today when I was taking a picture of a hummingbird at my feeder that some of the pictures came back as a GIF and playback is animated? I didn't plan on doing that but is there a way to do it on purpose? I also held down the shutter to...
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    Why is it that some widgets/apps can't be dragged into a create that you've already created on your home screen. I have one that has my photos, fb, hangouts, chrome, google +, home, trusted contacts. It wont let me add my fitbit widget or my messenger +