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  1. hstroph

    eclipse video sensitivity?

    I'd like to "bump" this topic please, to help those with the 14 Oct 2023 annular eclipse.
  2. hstroph

    Can't connect Pixel 7 Pro to PC (Windows 11)

    Candidate for Understatement of the Year Award!
  3. hstroph

    Can't connect Pixel 7 Pro to PC (Windows 11)

    Did you answer the authorization dialog on the display of the phone?
  4. hstroph

    Huawei Y336 Flashing

    Several suggestions at Huawei Y336 recovery
  5. hstroph

    Help text-based web browser for Android?

    How does one extract the text within a Termux session from the URI I provided, please? Violincello seems to depend on the display for user interaction. I need something that can be run within a shell script, and extract the page's text for further shell processing.
  6. hstroph

    Help text-based web browser for Android?

    Greetings, is there an Android text-based command-line-invoked web browser similar to Linux "links" or "lynx"? I need to extract the text from various web pages for further processing in terminal shell scripts (busybox). Something like: lynx -dump Current Logins | ... (further processing)
  7. hstroph

    Flashed wrong twrp file

    I'm not familiar anymore with twrp, but some help is available at several of these links: root samsung galaxy j7 at DuckDuckGo
  8. hstroph

    Disable silent mode completly

    Svekke3 and son may wish to consider Omnipod | Insulin Pump Therapy, Simplified ... hopefully it's Linux/Android, but it's not compatible with my Google Pixel 6 according to an attempted install of Omnipod® 5 App - Apps on Google Play
  9. hstroph

    Disable silent mode completly

    FWIW, the Freestyle Libre 2 continuous glucose monitoring app does not work on a rooted phone.
  10. hstroph

    Can't connect Pixel 7 Pro to PC (Windows 11)

    In the phone Settings, you need "USB Debugging" enabled in "Developer Options". I leave it to someone else for instructions to enable "Developer Options", but it requires 7 taps of the Build number if I recall correctly.
  11. hstroph

    Can't connect Pixel 7 Pro to PC (Windows 11)

    Does " .\adb devices " return anything? " .\fastboot devices " will only indicate a device when the phone is in fastboot mode.
  12. hstroph

    Payload dumper

    Does the DOS command "dir" show that the executable "payload-dumper-go.exe" exists in the current directory along with the payload.bin file?
  13. hstroph

    Payload dumper

    It's always best to copy-n-paste the exact commands you're executing, and the exact errors you're generating so that people can better help you. Consider this, please: $ wget ... $ unzip -l...
  14. hstroph

    Help Can't uninstall TikTok

    2-1/2 years later, amid all the news about Chinese govt. use of TikTok to gain access to personal information, and the fact that several nations are banning the app on govt. phones, I'm very glad that I took the time to flash a factory image and permanently remove the app.. Unfortunately, we...
  15. hstroph

    Help How to prevent a particular "harmful app" notification?

    How do I prevent a notification from appearing? It is from Google Play Protect: "Uninstall harmful app - Cerberus puts your device at risk" Cerberus offers more useful options than and I want to keep it on my phone without Google's annoying...
  16. hstroph

    Help Voice typing no longer active?

    I'm hoping that someone can help me recover voice typing, which seems to have disappeared from my Pixel 6. Hacker's Keyboard was previously recommended and I've become accustomed to it, but that also is non-functional. 2 screenshots are attached, one of which shows the active keyboard during...
  17. hstroph

    Help free fax Android app?

    I really need to fax, with cover page, a single photo of a document, but all the apps I find in Google Play cost money to actually send a fax. Is there an Android app for free faxing, please? Thank you.
  18. hstroph

    Need /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules

    Can anyone share a working copy of /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules. please? An "apt install android-sdk-platform-tools-common" fails to provide it on Debian 10.9. Research caused me to manually create the file with the following contents: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1"...
  19. hstroph

    Help OSCAR app?

    It seems that the OSCAR app (Orbiting Satellites Capable of Amateur Radio) has disappeared from Google Play. Is it available anywhere, please?
  20. hstroph

    Help Icon colors are lost

    With Android 12 on a Pixel 6, I had a bunch of apps update recently, and noticed that some icon color is now missing from my display, such as in the attached screenshot. Settings -> Display -> Colors has no affect on the lack of icon colors. Please advise about how to restore the icon colors...
  21. hstroph

    Help Better screen utilization?

    On my Pixel 6 with Android 12, I need to better utilize the desktop screen, please. The attached image shows a large empty space at upper right, and an extra date indicator at upper left. I need the digital clock widget, but can't figure out how to remove the date indicator and use the empty...
  22. hstroph

    Help How to disable "USB liquid or debris" warnings?

    A new Pixel 6 with a new Google 30W charger occasionally disables charging with a warning that the USB-C charging is disabled due to liquid or debris, which seems rather absurd, as they are new and perfectly dry and clean. Using a dollar-store USB-C cable plugged into a laptop charges the phone...
  23. hstroph

    Busybox "su" permission denied

    Greetings, My Google Pixel 6 has Busybox Pro installed and the phone is successfully rooted with Magisk 24.3, see attached screenshot. In "adb shell" when I type "su", "Permission denied" is returned. How to fix, please? I need to edit the /system/etc/hosts file with my LAN entries. Thank you.
  24. hstroph

    Help Pixel 6 problem installing Magisk

    Greetings, I have followed instructions on which has gone smoothly through: ... 8. fastboot flash boot 'master root.img' The problem occurs in the next step: 9. Reboot to Android. ... ... and the reboot hangs...
  25. hstroph

    Help Desparately need net10 help, please

    Using a Google Nexus 6 now for several years with Android 8.1.0, I have been a Net10 customer for a dozen years or so, using their AT&T MVNO (mobile virtual network operation). Serious problems have developed recently after they informed me that I needed a SIM card change in February. They sent...