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    Calendar shows appointments in EST on one device and GMT on another

    Just noticed this in my calendar as I was changing an appointment. If I put in an entry in my phone for a work day, say 7-4 EST it shows fine. If I open that same appt in google calendar on my tablet its noon to 9 GMT. It displays at 7am-4pm on both but if I need to edit the time on my tablet...
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    Help Reset GPS?

    I slipped and let Google maps update again but this time uninstalling updates did not let the GPS start working again, maps just keeps waiting for location like the new version. 've tried other apps, rebooting, etc but can't get the GPS working again, anyone know any other tricks.
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    gpx editor

    I am looking for an app that can edit gpx files, its a pain to do on my old Garmin but I can pop the microSD out of it and read them in multiple apps, I just want something to be able to rename and split/join.
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    No SD Card slot?

    Do any of the newer Motorola phones have SD card slot, I can't seem to find any. Was planning on upgrading soon but apparently I won't be able to.
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    Any way to prevent Google maps from updating

    I had to uninstall the latest nearly unusable Google map update so now every time I get other app updates I have to update one at a time. is there any way to prevent Google maps from wanting to update until they fix it?
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    Anyone else notice that autocorrect is terrible since the update? It seems to be replacing correct words with incorrect works, I feel like I'm being forced to use an iPhad.
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    Any new alternate calendar applications?

    With each version of Android the calendar becomes less functional so I keep looking for a replacement. Is there anything new in the Calandar area, maybe somehting that syncs to a file on a host computer rather than going through Google?
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    Add zome buttons back to Google Maps?

    Anyone know if there is a way to get the zoom buttons back on google maps so we don't have to mess with the annoying pinch zoom?
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    Installing apps on Kurio

    If Google Play is not present in the Kurio (according to the FAQ) can additional apps still be installed? Can I download the .apk's on another device and copy them over?
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    Help Unable to install anything

    Reset my old Droid and setup a new account and now I can't install anything. I choose an app in the market and click install and the install button turns grey for a while then enables again. Any suggestions
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    Help Poor battery life since update

    Started noticing that both our RAZR's can't make it through the day without running out of battery over the last couple weeks. Only common change to both was the os update. Anyone else now have really bad battery life?
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    Help Play RARZ mp4 videos on Windows?

    wife can't play the videos from our RAZR's on Windows XP, anyone know what software will playit? XINE and Mplayer work fine on Linux.
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    Help Bluetooth media control only works when phone is unlocked?

    My bluetooth headset controls only work if I unlock the phone, I can't see any setting around that, anyone else run into the issue. So next/prev track and play/pause do nothing if the screen goes to sleep while playing music so I have to wake it up then unlock then use the buttons.
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    Which should I do? I've worked in IT since 1995, spent the last 8 years in an enterprise IT shop supporting windows servers and started to realize a couple years ago I'm too old for all night patch-a-thons. I started going through Shon Harris' CISSP book first edition at my previous job then...
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    Bluetooth Music Control and Display

    Bought a new radio for my truck and before purchasing did a little searching for android integration and found that Kenwood has an android app. So I'm playing with it and experimenting with other players as well and found out that the Kenwood seems to support standard BT headset controls as...
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    Any car audio guys?

    My cd player in my truck won't take cd's anymore and I'm tired of feeding my phone sound in via a casette adapter so I want to yank it out and replace it. Looks like some manufacturers have some android compatibility with newer headunits. Looks like JVC has an android app that talks to theirs...
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    Which tablet?

    Got to borrow the pervious bosses ipad before a company re-org moved me around, was handy having a larger screen to work on so I want to buy a tablet. Looking at the Motorola Xoom or Xyboard or maybe the ASUS transformer, or somehting else. How does one decide which to get? I won't but Samsung...
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    flac players on the RAZR

    I wanted to start a new thread on flac players on the RAZR. I used andless and Meridina on my original droid and they worked fine. On the RAZR andless will let me browse and choose and then drops back to the first page when trying to play. Meridian will do the same 2-3 times then finally play...
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    Read only google account

    I'm letting my kids use my old droid to play some games on but found that its a pain to get and install apps without a google account. I didn't want to sign in with my account so they can't accidently buy anything or delete my calendar or e-mails. Any idea how to set up a simple google account...
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    facebook contact picture sync?

    Seems the contact picture sync for facebook quit working a while back, I see peoples pictures from last summer. I don't see the option in facebook anymore, did they remove it? Thanks
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    Flip out case for backpack strap

    I'm looking for some sort of case that can attach to my backpack strap, something like Flip Out Case for the iPhone - Timbuk2 Bags would be ideal if it fit the razr and didn't have such bad reviews.
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    twitter no longer notifies?

    Anyone else have this problem with the twitter's official app? I no longer get any notifications from it.
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    What is a decent facebook app now a days

    I'm not real big into facebok but I do have a few people I do track/follow and it seems facebook has really messed up their app. It currently defaults to top news instead of most recent so I see some of the popular junk I don't care about and misses the rest and every time I have to keep...
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    Droid pro compared to droid?

    Verizon has the droid pro on BOGO, how does it compare to my original droid? I read a lot of bad reviews on their site but then how many of them are comparing to a dumb phone.
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    Accessories Case that can hang on a backpack strap

    I'm looking for a case that I can slip my droid in that will attach to the strap of a camelbak backpack. Bicycle shorts don't have pockets and i don't really want it on the handlebars and will use the backpack for hiking too. Would be nice if it had a flap that can close to protect the screen...