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  1. techsavvy01

    HTC 10 stuck in boot loop I can only access bootloader : (

    How can I relock bootloader when phone is in boot loop? will I lose my data? : ( people please help me : ( life is strange the strangeste thing happedened the htc 10 was working fine untill it was running low on storage space and the phone battery died and I turn phone back on and htc 10 has...
  2. techsavvy01

    real home life idiots the system is corrupt : - | : - ( : - | - (

    Is it just me or does the system in the world make people feel depressed ? The system is not fair in Life :( I keep saying it is not easy to stay positive in this hard unfair life :(
  3. techsavvy01

    Android TV Futureproof

    I am selling my Sony XBR43X800D 4K 43 inch tv to raise money so I can travel. If anyone is interested in buying this tv please pm me thank you
  4. techsavvy01

    Self Confidence

    How does one keep conversations going? All my life I have struggled with self confidence :(
  5. techsavvy01

    Working For ASUS

    What do Asus employers expect or look for in somebody in order to be hired manufacturing motherboards job or working in Asus team job?
  6. techsavvy01

    How to lock your phone prevent internal storage wipe?

    How can you prevent a theft from wiping your phone? I want to prevent a thief bastard from going into custom recovery & wiping data.
  7. techsavvy01

    Internal storage very odd issue :(

    Ever since I added .nomedia file into a internal storage folder. None of my apps detect internal storage anymore such as google photos. I think I corrupted the internal storage :(
  8. techsavvy01

    Port Samsung Music app to HTC 10?

    I miss the samsung music app on galaxy s7. I wish there was a way to port samsung music app to HTC 10.
  9. techsavvy01

    Life Videos Youtube

    In life One day When I become older let's say 40 years old. If I meet a 22 year old who wants to help people in their lives. I would totally understand where the 22 year old young man is coming from :) Age does not discriminate :)
  10. techsavvy01

    Which phone case is most durable & protective for LG G6?

    I'm comparing these 2 phone cases for LG G6. Which of the cases would protect LG G6 the best? Even though lg g6 has gorilla glass, Would any of these cases protect the screen from cracking? Which of 2 phone cases would you guys prefer to buy...
  11. techsavvy01

    Buying water resistant phones..

    Besides the LG g6 , What other modern smartphone in the past 3 years is overall the best smartphone with water resistance for the money?
  12. techsavvy01

    HTC 10 stuck boot loop I feel like a dumbass :(

    I own a rooted htc 10. My dumbass self thought selecting dalvik cache cache & system was the correct way to wipe cache partition in twrp. I was so incorrect. I shouldn't have selected system now my HTC 10 is stuck in boot loop & I wonder if all my personal data on internal storage is gone? Now...
  13. techsavvy01

    Help Mac Yosemite Galaxy S7 issue

    My galaxy s7 is not recognized by wondershare mac program & android file transfer says "could not connect to device". Very frustrating I tried restarting my phone different usb cables different usb ports no luck tried everything under sun :(
  14. techsavvy01

    Galaxy S7 lag & hurricane logo issue

    I watched high on android galaxy s7 T-Mobile root video but for some reason Max didn't explain how to get rid of hurricane logo. Also trickster mod did not work for me. How can I get rid of lag & hurricane logo & voLTE?
  15. techsavvy01

    Help Where can I get my phone repaired?

    My HTC One M8 is broken, There are small dents on back of phone and the screen will not turn on. It will still charge led light comes on but not screen. Where can I get my M8 repaired for reasonable price?
  16. techsavvy01

    I'm so done. Galaxy S7 not phone for me..

    I hope the samsung president reads this. This phone is just not for me. #1 This phone's build material glass is so fragile. I rarely took s7 out of case and now I have pretty deep scratch on back of s7 unbelievable! I only put s7 on hard surface for a short amount time to take sd card out...
  17. techsavvy01

    Help Galaxy S7 T Mobile Stuck Splash Screen Bricked?

    I have no idea what the hell I did to cause this. Perhaps the cause is I rooted the phone and uninstalled/disabled system apps with titanium backup that I shouldn't have. Whoops! Now I fear I have bricked my phone and I will lose my data :( It's a real shame I never had such a hard time...
  18. techsavvy01

    I transfer my pictures videos now dates are incorrect in my gallery!

    Why does android do this whenever I transfer my files from backup and the dates are incorrect in my gallery?
  19. techsavvy01

    Serious problem with S7 Updates or phone updates in general!!

    I am sick and tired of phones like s7 constantly notifying you to update your phone. It is really annoying and my device is running absolutely fine so why would I want to update unless my device was acting up but it is not so that really ticks me off when it keeps notifying me!! I did update my...
  20. techsavvy01

    Help Is there a way to restore my notes from Samsung Memo app?

    I wiped my s7 clean few days ago. Stupid me forgot to turn on sync memo in samsung account settings and it did not backup or sync my memo notes. I thought the sync was on for the memo app and I thought the Samsung backup in backup and reset would backup memo notes without turning on sync. So now...
  21. techsavvy01

    Help Upgrading my broken HTC One M8, What new smartphone should I buy?

    I'm upgrading my broken HTC One M8 and I am looking for a new smartphone to buy. What new smartphone should I buy? I need your help guys. I liked how the HTC One M8 had front speakers and they sounded great but now the Moto X Pure Edition's speakers sound way better than the M8's speakers. The...
  22. techsavvy01

    Help Coming from the HTC One M8, What new smartphone should I buy?

    I'm coming from the HTC One M8 and I am looking for a new smartphone to buy. What new smartphone should I buy? I need your help guys. I liked how the HTC One M8 had front speakers and they sounded great but now the Moto X Pure Edition's speakers sound way better than the M8's speakers. The Moto...
  23. techsavvy01

    HTC One M8 32gb Android Smartphones

    Check out my listing on Ebay Device/Item(s) HTC One M8 32gb Android Smartphone Price $365 Shipping Included? Yes Payment Options Paypal Condition Good: Device in good shape
  24. techsavvy01

    Root Downgrade 1.54.651.10 to older software

    Hey guys I need help on how to downgrade 1.54.651.10 to older software . I want to downgrade to older software so that I can get firewater to work. What software version will work best with firewater? Can I just flash an older nandroid backup so firewater will work? Downgrading the software...
  25. techsavvy01

    Root S-off Help

    Hey guys I need help, when I used firewater this happened as seen in the picture. Did I do something wrong or do I have to use sunshine?