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  1. Covart

    CrApple/Android/Nexus Wallpapers

    A few Android wallpapers for your amusement
  2. Covart


    I used to buy all Apple products (computers in particular) so I purchased some Apple TV 2's and an Apple TV 3, over the last couple of years. Well, I am sick and tired of the crappy updates, which usually ends up disconnecting the ATV while you are watching something, then doing a reset to get...
  3. Covart

    GTA: Vice City coming to Android/iOS

    Rockstar has announced that just like with GTA III's 10th anniversary, we will be getting a nearly exact port of Vice City to celebrate it's 10th anniversary date (which was on the 29th of Oct 2002, btw). Here is the press release:
  4. Covart

    Thanks to the iP5, wife now wants an S3. Thank u Apple

    I am now grateful to Apple, because if they hadn't made such a POS phone, my wife wouldn't want to head out today and exchange the clunky 5 for the S3. Of course, Samsung deserves credit for making such an awesome phone to begin with, that we even have this option. My wife loved her iPhone 4...
  5. Covart

    Wireless Inductive Charging coming in Sept

    Only it's not coming from Samsung. A Chinese company, named Zens, is producing a replaceable battery cover with the required hardware installed and a 'Touchstone' esque charging station. One nice feature about the charging station is an auto-off feature when the battery reaches full charge...
  6. Covart

    **SOLD** : $155 : 32GB Black HP Touchpad (CM9) / Trade for GSM GNex

    This item is now sold. <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: formoutput --> Buy | Sell | Trade ..For Sale or Trade (GNex GSM att or unlocked preferred) . Device/Item(s) ..32GB Black HP Touchpad with HP Smart Case Cover . Price ..$155 shipped within U.S. lower 48 . Payment Options ..Paypal...
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    32gb black TP for sale $145 plus shipping

    I have been the only owner and got this one during the firesale. I also bout the HP 'smart' cover for it and a screen protector. Device has been cocooned since I unboxed it. I can take pics for those interested. It is currently running the latest cm9 nightly in the dual boot configuration...
  8. Covart

    So Apple now has patent for pinch to zoom, doc rotation and scrolling?

    I seriously do not understand the uspto in awarding patents to Apple for things that were on other devices long before the iPhone came out? If this holds up, which I doubt should Apple sue everyone over this, there is gonna be a lot of pissed off people. And if this does hold up, it should be...
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    The Poisoned Apple segment

    You may or may not have seen my other posts or rants about not getting my S3 today, but I am noticing a serious trend in the land of fruit. You see, I'm a bit of a perveyer of tech sites and like to read a lot of them. Tonight I started with Androidcentral, a quick gander at AppleInsider...
  10. Covart

    Amazon sent me extra 2250mA battery. Anyone want it?

    So somehow I placed two orders with Amazon for the same larger 2250mA battery for my Skyrocket. The stock battery is 1850mA. The batteries are the exact same size, so you pop it right in, no problem. Amazon charges $11, plus $4.50 shipping. So, for $15 shipped to your door, first person gets...
  11. Covart

    So a guy walks in 4 a phone... Gets a tablet too!

    Well, i got tired of my iphone, lost my jailbreK, decided to go to at&t and pY the etf in order to get an Android phone. I had the Note, gsgs2 skyrocket and sgs2 in mind. I get there Nd i look at all of them. A nice female is helping me out and i notice they have a deal for. GalXy tab 8.9 Nd...
  12. Covart

    Done with the iPhone - SGS2, NOTE or S2 Skyrocket?

    Lost my jailbreak yesterday due to a bad app in Cydia, and I simply can not stand having a phone that I can not customize. I'll be selling my iphone 4 now stuck on ios 5.1 asap, but in the meantime, I am heading to AT&T tomorrow and buying a new Android based phone. question I need answered...
  13. Covart

    Instagram just went live

    now for download in the store for free
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    Can I get a few opinions?

    just a quick background. i just took the plunge into Android with ICS on my Touchpad and I have done a lot of background reading first, before doing anything to my 32gb Touchpad that is running perfectly on WebOS. I also use an iPhone 4 and iPad2 (both jailbroken) and I customize them to the...
  15. Covart

    Is there a tablet market?

    Or is it really just an iPad market. 9.25million iPads sold in the last quarter, according to the earnings call this afternoon. Forcasts from Samsung, Motorola, Asus, Acer all seem to be pointing towards low end of 1 to 2 million, if that. RIM is already axing the Wifi Playbook. Will...
  16. Covart

    Moving back to U.S. Need little help

    Okay, I am moving back to the U.S. in a few months time and I am looking at the Atrix, Evo 4G, Droid X and Galaxy S. These are my top picks, however I'd like to know if Atrix really is the best phone to go with. How much bloatware has been added to it, if any, or is it a pure Google phone...