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  1. Contempt

    My 1st Incredible Swype Theme was a learning experience

    I made my 1st red and black swype theme for the version I am using with built in mic. I learned alot and had alot of help. You can read about it here: Swype with Mic button! - xda-developers and here: [SOLVED] How to change the tracer color in swype? - xda-developers...
  2. Contempt

    Accessories Make your own custom molded earbuds for $15

    I don't claim to be the inventor of this idea. I just hope it helps some folks. If you are like me and have weird ear canals, then you may also know the frustration of loving earbuds, but never finding any that fit correctly or stay in your ears..especially if you work-out. I hope this helps...
  3. Contempt

    Anyone use the new fascinate deal to snag a free Incredible?

    I have an upgrade and am considering doing thoe following: Buy fascinate $299 - $100 rebate = -$199 Get Free Incredible Upgrade wife's Eris to new Incredible Ebay fascinate = +$450 Ebay Eris = +100 So I should pocket $350 bucks with a free Incredible to boot. Anyone do this?
  4. Contempt

    TuneIn - new awesome FM radio app

    TuneIn in market. Love this new app and can't believe it's free. Check it out.
  5. Contempt

    Accessories Anyone using Sennheiser MM200 BT earbuds?

    Wanted to know how good they sound on DInc and if all the functions work. Thanks in advance.
  6. Contempt

    DInc in the news (well a pic of it anyway)

    I was at my desk umm "working" when I ran across this article and saw a picture of our awesome phone. Thought I would share: Top picks for free smartphone apps - Edit: and btw, the apps they picked in the article wouldn't have been my top picks.
  7. Contempt

    Help My DInc and I celebrated our 1st....

    Battery pull reboot...:eek: Went into a restart loop when I was disabling a bluetooth device. Seems to be fine now. Anyone else have this problem with a paired BT device?
  8. Contempt

    Accessories Someone who got the VZW 32gb card at the low cost wanna do me a favor?

    If you got the 32gb card for the original online price of 49.99 can you send me a copy of the screen shot of your receipt? If you got the corporate discount on top of that, that would be even better. Please blackout any private info. I have been back and forth with VZW since friday on this...
  9. Contempt

    RockPlayer Available in Market

    Not sure if this was posted or not. Great movie player. Plays several different file types without encoding.
  10. Contempt

    Rut Roh! iPhone 4g .. more bad press

    I was just watching my local news and they report that Consumer Reports is not recommending the iPhone 4g to it's subscribers. Ow! Not sure if this is old news but here is a link: Consumer Reports Won't Recommend iPhone 4 - National News Story - WDIV Detroit
  11. Contempt

    Incredible as a Music Player

    Not sure where this topic fits, but I think it is deserving of it's own thread. I moved most of my music to my DInc and use it pretty much exclusively as my portable music player. I have an Ipod and a Zune HD and feel both devices are superior to the DInc as a music platform, however neither...
  12. Contempt

    Accessories Soundgate M2 car mount impression

    Very impressed with the quality and design of this product. So much so, I felt compelled to make this post. It's small and sleak, yet durable and not cheap at all. My old mount looks like Johnny 5. The M2 is compact and very versatile. You can pretty much mount it anywhere. I was...
  13. Contempt

    Accessories Question about Soundgate M2 car dock

    Has anyone tried to affix the mounting disk to a verizon silicone case? Good, fair, or poor results? I am considering buying another case to use in the car as I am sure the disk will annoy me at all other times. I want to know if I should buy the car case in silicone or find something...