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    No where else better to put this I think, especially as it is at risk of huge debate, if allowed. Dunblane is the home town of world tennis star Andy Murray, who was at school that day! just saying.......
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    Glasgow Simpsons

    Some of you may find this hilarious, whilst others may not quite be able to understand what the Hell half of it
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    Root [International] xposed framework lollipop

    Surprised no one else had mentioned this yet, but it's finally here in alpha mode :-) I had a little play(about 5 minutes worth) last night, I did a dirty flash to dans 2/10/15 build(i think anyway) took a few times of flashing but I eventually got it working, only for it to fail after pulling...
  4. sntaylor

    religious extremists

    Firstly I just want to point out a few things. Yes, I'm not religious, but have family who are born again Christians. I have nothing against any religion,I have friends of many religious backgrounds and support their right to follow and believe whatever they wish. This thread is about...
  5. sntaylor

    Root [International] lollipop vs kit Kat

    I can't be the only one who doesn't like the New material design and more over notification panel on lollipop? I can kinda live with material design, but I really like the notification panel on kit Kat, especially with gravity box tweaks......I have the toggles i want when i want them!
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    Root [International] multi Rom

    Actually can't believe that no one else has ever posted on here about this.... I use it on my nexus7 and it is brilliant, basically download the app, it installs a twrp version and then you are able to dual boot! Only with as many Roms as you can fit on internal sd :) Edited to add link...
  7. sntaylor

    Root [International] question of the day.... new phone

    Well sadly my time has come, and I'm due a new phone Cos my bleeding digitiser broke and screen ain't working on my s4 anymore. So I get a new phone through tomorrow, another s4! Hence my question.... I'm going to assume immediately the new one will be Knox enabled, all my current...
  8. sntaylor

    Root [International] imperium

    It's been very quiet over here again (is this due to the metal bum deserting us? Though I still don't know what happened there and I'm a nosey Bugger ;-) ) so I decided to try out a sammy Rom, first I've tried in ages. Imperium Rom...
  9. sntaylor

    Root [International] doing my head in...

    It really is doing my head in, I keep looking at other Roms and think about flashing them etc, but any time I do, often even just look, I know I'm better off on the fantastic gpe Rom by Dan. I mean seriously, I'm thinking about my contract being up next year and really do believe i won't...
  10. sntaylor

    Root [International] anyone brave enough to try this on s4? lmao

    Well as the title says.... Only linking here cos I thought you lot could do with a laugh, but might be interesting to know if can done on the s4 :-P
  11. sntaylor


    How great is this phone btw..... Well I shall digress at the start, so if you want the actual business jump ahead ;-) My mrs went for a nap while my son was asleep in his buggy, all strapped in.she woke to laughter and other noises, seems he managed to get out his buggy and grabbed both...
  12. sntaylor

    Root kit Kat vs jellybean battery life

    Just a minor note...... I've tried out a few different kit Kat Roms thanks to multi Rom,I don't use my nexus nearly enough so I'm only going by standby time and battery life on KitKat just isn't cutting it! 4 nearly 5 days on validus 6.0 got me down to 20% where a jellybean one I had ages...
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    completely off topic but it's slagging ironass so mods don't delete ;-)

    Think title says most of it, but really you guys ought to see what the drunken one has been saying over in the s2 forum..... particularly post #2844 ;-) enjoy :-P
  14. sntaylor

    Root [International] slimkat

    Well guys, I've been in Dan's Roms for a while, switching between cm and ge, mainly because each one sadly had something minor missing that was in the other. So, having tried out aosp neat Rom on my s2 for about 2mins before setting it up with sammy neat for the father in law, I decided to try...
  15. sntaylor

    Root [International] change toggle colour?

    Pretty simple really, does anyone know how to change the toggles colour on the gpe roms? It's the only thing that makes me wanna go back to the unstable Roms of cyanogenmod base :-(
  16. sntaylor

    Root [International] oh dear.... small trouble, but trouble all the same ;-)

    Despite the tongue in cheek nature of my title, i noticed earlier today ( after dropping my phone for around the 3rd tinge today, probably around 300th time since getting it!) That one side of my screen has actually become raised slightly :-( You can see the thickness of the glass when...
  17. sntaylor

    Root [International] eeek, ERM technically off topic buy gonna keep it here a wee while?

    Right i only ask this as I'm after the view point of a selected few and hate going through pm.... also know some have gone through the process so..... My old s2 (the mrs's phone now) has developed a fault in the USB port charging can be dodgy and at first it was trying to boot into driving...
  18. sntaylor

    Root [International] sky go?

    Well I've searched about quite a bit and had no luck, tried different things but cannot get it to work..... When i get home in going to go back to a sammy based rom to give me more hope as it won't even download on a Google edition rom, far less work! Having said all this, is the app even...
  19. sntaylor

    cotton wool and bubble wrap?

    As many others on here I'm a parent(father to be precise) with my son turning 1 on Tuesday we are still using nappies and in the UK our supermarkets have been holding baby events, Morrison's had the best deal on nappies so I went to buy some, sadly deal was so good everything was sold out...
  20. sntaylor

    Root [International] stock roms not available

    I know this doesn't really make too big a difference thanks to Knox, but Sam mobile is basically out of action just now as hot file has been taken down! I was looking for the stock mga to try out in the kitchen and create my own Rom to find its not available anymore :-(
  21. sntaylor

    China drops the dollar

    Interesting article....or not?
  22. sntaylor

    Scottish police.... John, son of David

    Well this was in the paper today and I saw this link and thought people here might like it, I don't usually watch many videos, especially 19 mins long, but it is rather funny :-)
  23. sntaylor

    whoop whoop, going to Still Game

    Well to be honest the title says it all, but for those who haven't the foggiest what I'm taking about..... Still game started as a stage show and a sketch in a sketch show(well duh) it then became a it's own comedy show which ran for 6 series and several Xmas/New year specials. It's based on...
  24. sntaylor

    ot but....why'd we get moved?

    I just went to do my hourly check of the root section when I find myself in the at&t section :-( Not fair, mods, get us back to the top....we have the largest coverage globally and largest number of posts so.... We should remain TOP! Thanks ;-)
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    excel help

    Hi guys, just thought I'd ask if anyone could help me. I work in a sports centre and our crappybooking system currently is just a spreadsheet with added pages throughout the work book. What I'm looking for is a way to create a booking and have it automatically copy it in for the following ten...