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  1. Vipfreak

    What phone is that!? It's Huge.

    Just never gets old when I whip it out. (6.3 peeps only of course) Happen to have to show the salesman an online receipt for a purchase I was returning today. The kid thought it was a tablet at first. Lol There was one time in fry's where an old guy was being showed phones and he saw a dummy...
  2. Vipfreak

    CF replacement back cover

    Would anyone be interested in buying this? (6.3) Hopefully this is ok to post here? it's phone specific.
  3. Vipfreak

    Naked with a Twist.

    Decided to chuck my slim $2 case as it's all messed up. I decided to go naked although I put vinyl on the back cover. Think it came out well.
  4. Vipfreak

    Sim Card to Mini Sim

    So I went from a Note 1 to a Mega and totally forgot about the sim card size... The Mega only takes a Mini sim. Must I buy another sim that's mini? Will it have the same number and contents? Thanks
  5. Vipfreak

    Help USB Starting to short out...

    It's looking like my USB is finally starting to short out. I watch a lot of video and use the USB port a lot (also for charging obviously). If I sometimes touch the cable the phone makes the charging started sound. If I hold the USB end a certain way it will make the charging started sound...
  6. Vipfreak

    Help Instagram Restarts phone if...

    I start IG at all and it restarts when trying to delete/uninstall. I dunno wtf happened, but I can't access IG at all on my phone... it will restart it if I open it or try to delete the app... I've searched all over for a fix and the ones I have seen (which are few) didn't work. Ideas? I'm...
  7. Vipfreak

    No Mobile Data even when enabled

    Long story short... my home net died not to long ago so I had to use my mobile data (illegal tether) and I forgot to turn off my video podcasts one night. I don't know what my data was at before I did this, but I got a data warning message and since that time I haven't had data. Today is the...
  8. Vipfreak

    Straight Talk FTW, why... would you bother with anything else... ??

    I've been with Straight Talk for 6 mo. now (sure doesn't feel like that short of time) and I absolutely LOVE it. Today I went with dad to get his early Xmas gift (note 2) and I was absolutely laughing my ass off inside because of how much @#$%ing bull shit people put up with these days...
  9. Vipfreak

    Kids suspended for seeing teacher's topless iPad pic

    LULZ. Kids suspended for seeing teacher's topless iPad pic | Technically Incorrect - CNET News
  10. Vipfreak

    Help Battery % in Status Bar (not what you think) *SOLVED*

    I don't know what happen, but all of a sudden this Battery % showed up in my status bar. I think it was from an update for an app, but I have no idea which after looking over all of my apps. It's not the option under settings because that % shows up next to the battery the right. I searched...
  11. Vipfreak

    Cheapest Genuine OEM Note Battery?

    I'm looking to get another OEM Battery (EB615268VA), but I'm really fearful I'll get a fake if I go too cheap. What is the cheapest Genuine OEM Note battery going for right now? I did search here and didn't find anything. Thanks for the help.
  12. Vipfreak

    Silver Accent on Elago G4 Breathe Case

    I got my new case today and wasn't expecting how cool the Elago case was so I decided to do some vinyl accents under it. I used my vinyl cutter to get the general shape and there holes didn't need to be exact. ImageShack Album - 3 images
  13. Vipfreak

    Micro/Mini Android music device?

    So, I know about the Wimm One, the Sony sports one, and the motorola one. Those aren't exactly what I'm looking for. I do a lot of walking at work sometimes during the week and my Samsung Note does fine for it, but it's a bit bulky to pull it out everytime I need to look at the screen. Batt...
  14. Vipfreak

    I can't decide... (yep another case thread)

    I wanted a as slim as possible case and I wanted it to protect all the way around the perimeter of the phone. Here are the choices (in order from first to last), help me decide. Rearth Ringke Slim - At $28 it's a bit expensive and it doesn't cover the sides. Also looks to be less grippy...
  15. Vipfreak

    Help Reception with no Sim Card?

    I didn't know how to search for this, but anyway I have a New Note with no sim card. I haven't activated it yet since I haven't receive the sim card. This is my first GSM phone so I'm really unfamiliar with this. Anyway, the phone shows the reception signal even though I don't have the sim...
  16. Vipfreak

    New # then Port #?

    Can I activate Straight talk with a new number to try their service (at$t) and if I do like it then Port my original number from my Sprint service? (samsung note international version) Reason, I don't want to lose my crappy Sprint service if it turns out Straight Talk isn't as good. I feel...
  17. Vipfreak

    Nope, I'm not addicted to Arkon at all... LOL xD

    I also have 2 Arkon Fold up stands but... I decided to do this. XD
  18. Vipfreak

    Things You'll ONLY Hear With An Apple Product...

    I just don't care if I'm trolling... You just wouldn't have any of this kind of talk with ANY OTHER PRODUCT PERIOD... It's insane... If you can prove me wrong please... by all means try... Like smokers there's no persuading Apple owners... Anyway, this is not edited in any way shape or...
  19. Vipfreak

    Homemade Sleeve with Screen Protection!

    My frustration with cases especially in the Tablet age is that it seems companies don't think about screen protection. Since I couldn't find one I decide to make one. How hard can it be... ? Here's the result. Note: Never learned how to sew. Also, I do know about the dock but this is...
  20. Vipfreak

    Help Txt Messaging timestamp is all random...

    This is driving me up the @#$%ing wall... why is it happening!? I have the system set on 24 time (military time).
  21. Vipfreak

    Help My phone is now bipolar... ?

    I love it... this months past time seems to be sending txt to a different person than I selected and then timestamping it some random time than when I actually did... Then in a separate time if I select someone to call it actually dials someone other than what a selected. It amazes me with how...
  22. Vipfreak

    Having a hard time using your stock keyboard on your Archos? Try this.

    Beansoft Keyboard Plus Thumb Keyboard (Phone/Tablet) - Android Apps and Tests - AndroidPIT
  23. Vipfreak

    Help How do I delete this?

    This must be a first? I searched here and on google... This screen shot was taken while I was holding down the square widget so it would "hide" the dock and you could see the widget hanging off the edge. Is there anyway to delete it? Thanks BTW, I'm not rooted.