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  1. Teknologic

    Extract encrypted archives

    Is anyone with a nexus 7 successfully doing this? This is my second go at it, installing file browser and unpack apps left and right and not a single one has been able to decrypt the rar files I have. Archidroid was the only app that actually showed an error, all others just gave me nothing...
  2. Teknologic

    Google Now's gender identity issues

    For some bizarre reason between now and 2 days ago, my Google voice switched from being a female voice to a male one. It also sounds quite British now (not sure, only heard 2 words)? But I haven't changed any settings, still on English (US). Anyone else been experiencing Google Now being...
  3. Teknologic

    Video player

    I actually just wanted to check previous topic titles by faking a post here... oops :) I was trying to find out the best Video player atm, seeing as it's been a while since I've tried video playback on my android, there must be some new and exciting apps out. I'm looking for something...
  4. Teknologic

    Chrome to Phone anoyance

    Lately, every link I send to my phone via chrome2phone gets opened twice, which results in one of the two pages or both not loading properly when I close one of the two while they're loading. So I have to stop and refresh the page for it to load properly. This is a real nuisance, I think this...
  5. Teknologic

    Qualcomm demos new VR applications using...

    ...the Nexus One ofcourse! Other then that no mindblowing new technology, but pretty cool nonetheless.
  6. Teknologic

    Help Backing up sms

    I just got my first message memory full notification and frankly I'm quite disappointed now :( I don't see the point in limiting something that uses so little data compared to everything else.. But w/e, that's fine. And I'm sure that, like with everything else, there's an app for that :) So I'm...
  7. Teknologic

    Disable google voice?

    I've got a simple question, I'm a N1 user and google voice came pre
  8. Teknologic

    Help Nexus one network settings..

    Hi there, I'm looking to cut back on my battery consumption and understand that the N1 radio can be somewhat of a hog. So here's my question: Do I best set my preferred network type to gsm or wcdma? Knowing that I'm not on a mobile broadband subscription anyway, so the only internet I'll be...
  9. Teknologic

    Greetings android users

    Hello there, I'm a new member and also a new android user. I recently bought a nexus one and I'm pretty happy with it. Even tho there's no language support for the android keyboard (yet?) here in Belgium (dutch). I'm still getting the feel of how this android OS works but it seems to be pretty...