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    Root help

    my phone is stuck in stock recovery and i factory resetted and it keeps going back to the recovery screen the phone has never been rooted what should i do?
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    Screen protector

    So it turna out this phone comes with a screen protector pre installed i dropped my phone yesterday and i noticed bubblEs at the edges and i started picking at it and i managed to get the screen protector and my phone is scratch free lol
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    Root enabling mobile data toggle

    so i was digging through my phone and i came across this apk "toolbox.apk" and it had all the toggles that are displayed in the notification and i saw that there is a data toggle i was wondering how can we enable it??
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    Root Back to stock

    Has anyone came up with a way to go back to stock completely even stock recovery?
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    Root Crt Off animation

    Here is the crt off animation for the zte avid Download- How to install-download then with root explorer copy it to system paste change permissions to rw r r then move it to system/frameworks/ and when it says overwrite say yes and reboot *edit i have also modified the...
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    Root systemui

    Does anyone mind posting the stock systemui.apk for me please?
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    Root How to unroot without computer

    Is it possible to unroot without a computer?
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    Root inverted settings?

    has anyone tried to make the background all black for settings ?:o and the text like white or blue?
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    Root how do i change the 4g symbol?

    I wanna change the 4g symbol at the top and make it say lte not sure how though :confused: