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    Root CM7 HDMI out question

    Might be a silly question since I'd imagine that one of the devs would have thought of this but here goes.... Cherry Mobile Magnum HD, another version of the Huawei/Foxconn/Motorola Triumph has a gingerbread update out, located here: Magnum HD | Cherry Mobile Have any of the devs taken a look...
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    Motorola Triumph + acc $279

    Found a pretty decent deal on the Motorola Triumph. I'm still using my Optimus so I'll pass for now but figured I would let everyone know in case you are looking. You get a Triumph, wall charger, car charger, bluetooth headset and a holster case for $280. You can also choose to make 4 payments...
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    Engadget app question

    Anyone else find this to be a pretty useless app? I like reading through the stories sometimes but if there is video or anything else posted in the article, I still have to load that article up in the browser to see it. Is it like this in everyone's copy?
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    Offering bounty sprint-virgin :)

    With the announcement yesterday of a $25 all you can eat data plan using sprint's network I am really concidering this. If only I could transfer my Hero over to Virgin I would be all over this. I know Sprint/boost will activate certain sprint phones on Boost, only after you have created the...
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    Help Can Samsung fix the Moment with 2.1?

    I'm willing to suffer through the data lockup if 2.1 will fix the problem, but I'm concerned that it may be a hardware issue. If it is a hardware issue I would hate to get stuck with a phone that I have to reboot 20 times a day like I do now. Does the Hero suffer this same kind of problem?
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    Root behold2 programs on the moment?

    Hi, I had a question about taking programs off my behold 2 and putting them on my moment. No longer on tmobile and while I love my moment I really wish I could have the camera apps, audio post card apps and the gallery. I have root on both so I pulled the apk and odex files but when I try to...