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  1. BrandonOptimus

    S3 Change Player option for Nexus 4?

    I noticed on an s3 it had a change player option in gallery which could display pictures onto a TV. Does the nexus 4 have an option to do this or an app?
  2. BrandonOptimus

    Great App For Those Interested

    I have come across a new app on market known as Locket: swipe in cash out. I must say that if you do enjoy unlocking your phone to earn a penny per unlock every time you turn on your device it is worth it! Especially when you have your PayPal as well with it!. Right now its in beta. What it does...
  3. BrandonOptimus

    Root Status bar size

    Im on the newest PA. And i have my phone at 240 dp but the status bar doesnt get smaller and just stays the same. Is there a way to make it smaller with an app? Or build.prop?
  4. BrandonOptimus

    Play store Apps when signing in

    Every time I log into my gmail it automatically restores apps. Is there any way to manage what I want automatically installed? For instance every time I log in root checker is always installed. But I haven't used that app at all in like 2 years haha. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. BrandonOptimus

    Flash Player Downloads

    This is just a download for those who don't have the latest flash player for ics/jb. I will be updating it occasionally so you guys can get the latest flash player :D. Here's the latest one.
  6. BrandonOptimus

    Is this dead?

    I want to know how many of you are still with the OM. I currently went from OM to G2 to s3 to N4. And now on my way for either a Motorola X or s4.
  7. BrandonOptimus

    Root Thanks Guys.

    I couldn't wait any longer to get this phone upgraded. So I switched to the SGS3 on T-mobile... I just wanna thank everyone who helped me with my Optimus M. I just wanna say thanks for all your work and time and effort to help make the OM such a great device :D will be coming on to still test...
  8. BrandonOptimus

    Root lcd density

    NVM.... Found out i needed to use lcd density modder and manually reboot instead of the app doing it !!!
  9. BrandonOptimus

    Root Changing Pattern Lock (For CM7)

    Before we get started. I'd like to say I found these icons. I used certain things such as apkmanager framework flasher to get it working but with no success.. I take no credit for taking the icons, I did however do the instructions on how to change it by myself after experimenting. Alright Lets...
  10. BrandonOptimus

    Root Recovery And Rom Help (New To Admire)

    I need the most stable non stock-rom. And a recovery, links would be good too :D I just came from the OM. Need help with the Admire now lol ;) Already got my phone rooted. Just not sure whether rom manager is compatible or if theres an amonra or something like that lol.
  11. BrandonOptimus

    No Videos Work

    My browser doesn't play any type of video at all.. Mobile Youtube the web version doesnt play videos. I tried the stock, opera, dolphin. None can't play. It either shows a play button and refreshes the page when I click it.. Or It would just load and then stop all of a sudden and say"sorry video...
  12. BrandonOptimus

    Root Not sure if its a Biggie or not.

    Okayyyy sooo basically. Instagram is able to work on the LG Optimus M. But only on the port from the miui rom. I read mostly every exact detail. And the difference is the OpenGL or something lol. It meets all the req. Is there a way to put OpenGL 2.0 onto the cm7 rom xD? If its not possible...
  13. BrandonOptimus

    Root OM to Admire

    Is it possible to put the meid and all from my OM to an admire? And settings and all. I recently got an admire from a friend who didnt need it. Soo i was planning to give this to her while I start my plan with the Nexus lol.
  14. BrandonOptimus

    Root Temple Run for armv6

    I got temple run working on my OM. Really. Really buggy. I take no credit but here it is. I had to run it @806 there is a bug actually when you get to 250m. Its really just to test it out.But I know how some of you folks want to test it for right now :D TempleRun ARMV6
  15. BrandonOptimus

    Root Disable Boot Animatio

    Is there anyway to disable it? Like for instance not the splash screen but the one that shows the android logo and custom animations? Ive tried everything. Nothing works for me :( Any ideas??? I used Root Tools to give it a shot. It reverted me to the android logo.. Does anyone know how to...
  16. BrandonOptimus

    Help GIF Messages

    Is there anyway I can send Messages containing GIF images that wont act as a still image when I send it? I know I can use Quickpic to view gif images but I just dont know how to send them. Im one of those gif creators that likes to make funny pics and all, I really need to know if there is any...
  17. BrandonOptimus

    Help Video Problems

    Okay so I have this video that I dearly love and want on my phone :D It shows up as an flv file. I tried moving it into the phone where the folder that says DCIM shows up and then camera and it won't find it. So i decided to download a random video from my phone and found it on the download...
  18. BrandonOptimus

    Help Wifi Problem

    Im on bobz rom and right now my wifi goes extremly bad. Like im just 2 steps away from the router and i leave the phone alone for 20 mins then it finally connects to it. Is anyone having like somewhat difficilty with wifi at all?
  19. BrandonOptimus

    Root Prls to the test!

    There are many prls concerning with the 3G speeds. So I've decided to how good the speeds are in certain places :P Either post your best speed so far you've gotten or your worst, and what prl you are using :P Here's mine: And my worst: I'm on prl 3024. I had a speed of 1.4mb, but I did it...
  20. BrandonOptimus

    Root Initlogo.rle

    Okay, I've seen people change the metro splash to the red lg one and PlayfulGod changed the metro one to the tron android. Does anyone have instructions on how to change this? I read like 80 threads on XDA on how to do it, but some say like mtd5 use mtd2 and all that. I really wanna know. BADLY...
  21. BrandonOptimus

    Root Trouble With Rom Or Recovery?

    Alrightio, I recently got some problems with recovery or rom. I go into recovery normally, and I wipe before installing a new rom, I toggle verification and flash the rom. I let it boot to the rom then I get a force close setup. So I was like no biggie, ill do it later but then... When I click...
  22. BrandonOptimus

    Help Ring Lock

    Is there a way to get the ring lockscreen from BobZHome to any CM7 rom? Or is it a specific build? I see many roms with a ring lockscreen so I was just wondering if it's something that comes with the rom like an apk, or zip that could be flashed over to a rom? I really do like BobZHome Reppard's...
  23. BrandonOptimus

    Root Headset or Rom?

    alright short and simple. I plug in my beats and the headphone icon shows. I go to music app but then it decides to stop and go back on then stops then switches songs then enables every option like shuffle repeat etc etc etc. Its really bothering me cause idk if its my headset or rom. I highly...
  24. BrandonOptimus

    Root Stock Boot Animation Changer

    Does anyone know how to change the startup animation? Ex: Bobzhome cm7, after the white lg logo comes the red lg logo, the red one is the one I want to change. If someone knows where this is located and how to change it, could anyone please give me a brief step by step process on how to do this...
  25. BrandonOptimus

    Root Fix Video Sound YACR CM7 ROM by Reppard

    Alright, after hours of playing around I found out how to solve it. May work for you, worked for me. What I noticed a lot what was the DSPManager force closing. It deals with noise levels on our phones. Many forums talked about how their noise changed when dsp force closed. Well I was fed up and...