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    T-Mobile phones new s/w update to L31UM11

    Ref: Software version: ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fierce™ | T-Mobile Support
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    Help K-9 Mail shows EOFException for Inbox

    Have been using T-Mobile version of this device for over a month. Installed the latest available version of K-9 Mail (ver 4.409, Dec 17, 2013). It downloads emails when a gmail account is first added, but after that the Inbox always shows EOFException and does not download any more emails...
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    Root [rooted] What's the current PRL?

    I called *2 bcos my phone was continuously going into roaming for 2+ hours. During our communication I inquired and learned the current PRL is 607??. I have tried updating my phone and failed, it is stuck at 60686. The rep wanted me to take the phone to a Sprint Service Center to update it...
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    Sprint announces first 4G-LTE phone

    Sprint Community: LG Viper 4G LTE with Eco-Friendly Features from Sprint Launches for Less than $100 Sprint Newsroom | LG Viper 4G LTE fact sheet
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    Sprint Board Watches CEO Closely

    We don't need another variable at this point. How will change in CEO affect Sprint's current bet on Network Vision, LTE? :confused: Sprint's Dan Hesse just got a warning notice from his board | Mobile - CNET News
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    Sprint iPad in Best Buy's database

    Exclusive: Sprint iPad shows up in Best Buy's database -- Engadget This may be another device announced with Sprint's LTE launch, along with Samsung Galaxy Nexus and maybe Samsung Galaxy Note.
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    Samsung Galaxy S3...

    4.8-inch screen and no front buttons on Galaxy S3? Samsung Galaxy 3: New Details Emerge
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    Bouncer, Fighting Growing Android Malware

    Android Market's 'Bouncer' Security Service Aimed At Fighting Growing Malware Threat
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    Concerning Carrier IQ

    Under Menu > Settings > Applications > Running services there is an app named IQ Agent Service which has the longest running time and cannot be stopped. Also, I've noticed that under Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Menu > Filter > All, there is an app named Keytracer...
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    Unlimited data may end: Sprint Exec says no, analysts say...

    .... Sprint, which is spending $7 billion to upgrade its network to LTE by the end of 2013, says concerns about its capacity are overblown, arguing that advanced technology allows it to make the most of its spectrum resources. Bob Azzi, a Sprint executive in charge of the company's network...
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    Phone had wrong time, PRL update fixed it..

    This evening the time on my phone showed 5:45pm when it was 6pm (ET). Anyone else see this problem? Updated PRL (to 60679) and the time got synced.
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    Help Anyone using Hero200 on only wifi, without Sprint service?

    It fails to connect to Market. Noticed that under Settings/About phone/Phone identity all fields, except Current username, are set to unknown. Wondering if anyone else is using Hero200 on only wifi, without Sprint service.
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    Help WiFi bumping up from 11 to 22, 48 or 54Mbps and not connecting..

    Update 2: Fixed. Disabled on access point the ability to support 22Mbps. ----- Have been a Samsung Moment user since its release. I received a Hero, which is quite nice, :) and have been trying to use it with wifi. It connects to my DLink 802.11b router at 11mbps and works. However, when I...
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    Angry Birds - Stealing private data?

    David Carnoy, Executive Editor, CNET, pointed out that the game is transmitting unique id of the phone and among others, the location-data. Anybody have more information about this? :confused:
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    Is this the reason Samsung phones don't get Android updates?

    The Samsung Secret - Why U.S. Galaxy S Phones run Android 2.1 Still - xda-developers Does this mean Samsung Epic will be stuck on Android 2.1? :confused:
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    Sprint makes Premium Data changes from Jan 30, 2011

    Sprint Newsroom | Mobile Data Information Center Sprint will increase its postpaid rates by applying a $10 per month Premium Data add-on charge to activations of smartphones beginning Jan. 30. The charge will assist Sprint in offering simple and affordable unlimited plans for its customers...
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    When will Sprint offer Motorola Android devices?

    I think Samsung is wasting our time with devices like Intercept, Transform. You should checkout the following from Motorola: Atrix 4G: - Dual core Tegra 2 @1Ghz - 4.0″ qHD display - 1GB RAM - 1930mAh battery - Biometric security - brilliant docking systems Droid Bionic 4G: (2nd qtr) -...
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    HTC EVO Shift

    Sprint Newsroom | HTC EVO Shift? 4G fact sheet available Jan. 9 for $149.99, required $10 Premium Data Add-On - Android 2.2 - Updated HTC Sense - Adobe Flash technology - sliding QWERTY keyboard - Qualcomm
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    So, what phone are you upgrading to? At this time, even with the idiosyncracies of Samsung Moment, none of the available choices persuade me to upgrade. I fall in the group that is aware and have adapted to the problems of...
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    Help Zoom buttons..

    When you start scrolling on a web page the zoom buttons appear. In the last couple of days, some pages that used to display these buttons, do not anymore. Anyone know what controls this behavior? Using stock browser on basic root on DJ07. FYI, I have made no changes in the last couple of weeks.
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    Help This forum's losing messages..

    Three days ago I replied to a post on the thread and there were 9 replies. Today I see that my reply and the post I replied to are missing among other posts. Also I see 3 new posts showing only 6 replies. A total...
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    Help Anyone using Swype beta on stock 2.1

    I was using Swype before the public beta was released. Registered, downloaded and installed Swype, public beta version. It is not stable on my phone. As recommended by developers, I have deleted the app, the installer, and re-did the whole thing but it still does not work. Every time after...
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    did we lose quick-scroll 2.1 update Before Android 2.1 update, in addition to the zoom-in/out buttons at the bottom there used to be a square box that helped with quickly scrolling on a long page in browser and other applications. Since...
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    Help Did we lose quick-scroll with 2.1 update

    In addition to the zoom-in/out buttons at the bottom there used to be a square box that helped with quickly scrolling on a long page in browser and other applications. Since updating to official Android 2.1, I do not see it. Is this feature hidden in some settings and needs to be enabled, or...
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    Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint announced..

    Samsung Epic 4g Coming To Sprint Samsung Newsroom - a Galaxy S™ smartphone "America’s First 4G-Capable Phone with Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard and Brilliant Super AMOLED Touchscreen Samsung Epic 4G brings a living room entertainment experience to a mobile phone, offering HD-like...