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  1. lion7718

    Please help me identify this notification icon

    It looks like a stopwatch to me. So I would look for a timer, alarm, something along that nature.
  2. lion7718

    Fingerprint Sensor

    On Android 12, it worked 95% of the time. On Android 13 is now like 30%. Yesterday it worked pretty good, today I get it to recognize it at all. Anyone else having similar issues..??
  3. lion7718

    Cases & Screen Protectors

    This is the case & protector I chose. I had the case about 3 days before the phone came in. I waited a little on the screen protector because I wanted to read some reviews first. Spigen Liquid Air Armor AACL Tempered Glass
  4. lion7718

    First Thoughts

    Not a whole lot different then my Pixel 3a. Touch seems a little off, even with Increase Touch Sensitivity on. There is a slight delay when hitting the microphone for talk to text. The volume seems low for somethings but fine for others.
  5. lion7718

    Pixel 6a Forum.

    We need a Pixel 6a Forum so we can start posting. Thanks.
  6. lion7718

    Fingerprint Scanner

    Has anyone noticed that since May's Security Update, the fingerprint scanner is a little off. I have to push it 3-4 times to recognize my print or hold my finger on it for like 5 sec. before it sees it. No, it's not dirty.
  7. lion7718

    Got Android 11 Last Night

    So far it seems alright. I don't like the the Screenshot move...I wish that they left it alone.
  8. lion7718

    N5X April Security Update..??

    I usually receive my updates before or around the 12th of the month...I haven't seen Aprils yet. Anybody onsite get theres.