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  1. ryancmatchett

    APU plus new Radeon 6770? Or new Discrete video card?

    Alright folks... First of all I do not consider myself a gamer. I play Lego star wars and Indiana Jones with my kids on this PC.. Nothing more advanced than that till about a year ago. Although the following rig is my personal web designs system, I manage multiple sites and networks all over...
  2. ryancmatchett

    [Verizon] [ROM]JDX (formerly Jelly Belly) AOSP+ - v15 (7/28)

    Read before flashing - Flash at own risk - Ask questions if you're unsure of anything - Make a nandroid of your ROM, and backup your sdcard to your PC. - Please read everything including links thoroughly to avoid confusion. - I use TWRP Recovery, not through ROM Manager. - Most important, have...
  3. ryancmatchett

    [Verizon] IPv6 on VZW?

    Just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone has heard...since I am not finding it anywhere else. I understand that the T-MO GSII just got an ICS update that include the IPv6 protocol....has anyone seen anything about the Nexus being 1. Capable and 2. If any of the ROMS might include it...