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  1. Claghorn

    Apps Am I motionless?

    If I want to use the accelerometer sensor to detect that I'm *not* moving, I assume the best way is to use a timer to notice that I haven't gotten an onSensorChanged() event in a while? Or are the sensors so sensitive that something you might think was motionless is still getting...
  2. Claghorn

    Apps Silly questions about publishing on Play store.

    All the advice I can find about publishing apps is about making money and marketing them. Contrary to all expectations, I don't want to do any of that, I just have basic "mechanical" questions about how much infrastructure I have to have to publish some totally free but very specialized apps on...
  3. Claghorn

    I wonder what name google will use?

    I see rumors already of the Nexus 6 phone. So, if google makes another phone after the Nexus 6, I wonder what they'll call it? Nexus 7 is already kinda taken :-).
  4. Claghorn

    Camera comparison

    For what it is worth, I have some comparison pictures taken with the new and old Nexus 7 cameras if anyone is interested: Nexus 7 Cameras I tossed in screen shots as well.
  5. Claghorn

    Camera app that takes picture when launched from intent?

    I can launch the standard camera app from an Intent, and then I have to push the shutter button. What I wonder is if any of the 40 zillion camera apps out there (which makes it hard to search through them) has any support for fully automating the process of taking a picture via launching from...
  6. Claghorn

    Help CIFS or NFS support?

    It would be nice to be able to mount network filesystems on my new Nexus 7. Anyone know if the kernel has cifs or nfs support built in, or if the modules are available to add to the stock kernel? Or better yet, if there is a fuse implementation of cifs with android support?
  7. Claghorn


    So, now that I have an old and a new Nexus 7, I was thinking I should be able to do cool stuff with NFC, like uh, uh, what exactly? :-). It would have been nice to copy all the custom settings for various apps from the old one to the new one. Is that possible? I wanted to transfer some...
  8. Claghorn

    Charger doesn't work with just power and ground wires

    Another weird item: The new Nexus 7 (mine, anyway) won't notice a charger being plugged into the USB port. This is a strictly charge only cable, having only power and ground connections plugged into the dedicated charger gadget the cable came with. When I plug in any other device I have, they...
  9. Claghorn

    Help Permission denied copying file?

    Is there some new mysterious security BS in android 4.3? I've been setting up my new 2013 Nexus 7, and I'm trying to get rsync to work to backup the files Titanium Backup stashed on the sdcard, but it says "permission denied" when I try to copy them. I can't find any problems with any...
  10. Claghorn

    Turning off new Nexus 7 2013

    When I turn off my new Nexus 7, the screen image collapses to a line in the middle then fades out. Since I'm pretty sure there aren't electron beams and magnets back there, I'm guessing this is just a deliberate effect someone with too much time on their hands came up with. Is it an effect...
  11. Claghorn

    Root Rooted my new 2013 model Nexus 7 with no problems

    Used my old notes from my old Nexus 7 and the same procedure (modulo picking the right recovery image for new model) worked: Nexus 7 Hacking
  12. Claghorn

    Help Does the back button no longer get out of apps?

    On the new nexus 7, my habit of just hitting the "back" button (the curly arrow on the left) to get all the way out of an app no longer seems to work. Is this a 4.3 change? Will I have to train myself to use Home instead now? Update: I've decided this really only happened after getting a batch...
  13. Claghorn

    Qi charger?

    I read in the google specs that the new nexus 7 has Qi wireless charging built in. Then I read random notes on the internet about how flaky and incompatible some Qi charging pads are with some devices. So, has anyone tried any particular charger with the new Nexus 7 and had success? It would...
  14. Claghorn

    Hey! I thought Nexus was leading edge for updates!

    I got the new Play Store on my Galaxy Camera, but not on my Nexus 7 :-). I like it: There is finally an "Update 1" button available when there is only one app that needs an update, so you can one click update a single app just like the old store let you do when there was more than one app...
  15. Claghorn

    Help Strange chrome rendering bug?

    Here is a silly web page I build from a script to tell me what episodes of Doctor Who I've downloaded off my TiVo: Downloaded Doctor Who Episodes Does the entry for Journey's End show up in a larger font for anyone else (when looking at the page on your Nexus 7)? Is this a chrome bug...
  16. Claghorn

    Is the Play Store Infrastructure really this dreadful?

    What is it with the play store telling me app XYZ has an update, and when I click on that update, to get to app XYZ's page, it doesn't offer "update" as an option? How could google design such a screwed up and irritating infrastructure for one of its core systems? And if there are two apps to...
  17. Claghorn

    How's auto brightness on 4.2.2?

    I've just switched my Nexus 7 back to using automatic brightness now that I'm on 4.2.2 to see if it is working any better. Has anyone else tested auto brightness on 4.2.2?
  18. Claghorn

    Root why adb says "offline"?

    I got the OTA 4.2.2 update earlier today, and I was just plugging in the USB cable to flash the latest TWRP recovery and reinstall Super SU and I noticed that "adb devices" always says the nexus 7 status is "offline". Yes, I have USB debugging enabled (if I disable it, adb doesn't see the...
  19. Claghorn

    firmware update

    There is a firmware update for the S800c available in case anyone is interested (not JellyBean or anything like that, android version is 2.3.3). S800c - 1.1 firmware update The only thing I notice different is the W-Fi connection time seems to be much faster.
  20. Claghorn

    Samsung/Nikon comparison

    In order to develop on both major android cameras I went ahead and got a Samsung Galaxy Camera to go with the Nikon COOLPIX S800c I already had, and I have my initial camera comparison up on my web site.
  21. Claghorn

    Samsung/Nikon comparison

    Well, I went and got a Samsung Galaxy Camera in addition to the Nikon S800c so I could develop and test on both of them. Haven't had it long, but I have a camera comparison up on my web site now.
  22. Claghorn

    Help What the heck should I backup now?

    The storage organization of 4.2 is confusing the heck out of me: I see that /sdcard is no longer a mountpoint, but a symlink to /storage/emulated/legacy. I've been backing up /sdcard, if I start backing up /storage/emulated/legacy instead will that get all the same stuff backed up...
  23. Claghorn

    No wi-fi only version in US?

    The ATT web site finally has the Galaxy Camera listed as a product today (though it is kind of hard to find), and if you add it to your shopping cart, you immediately get taken to another page where you can add your data plan. If there is a way to buy it with no data plan for wi-fi only usage I...
  24. Claghorn

    Anyone got one yet?

    They were supposed to be available in the UK today (at what seems like an outrageous price). Anyone got one? Any unboxing videos? Any impressive features? Any info for camera app developers?
  25. Claghorn


    I see news releases reporting the price in the UK for the Galaxy Camera to be available in a couple of days and at very close to $700 (when you convert Pounds to Dollars) it is hard to believe Samsung wants to actually sell any of them.