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    Any chance AF will add the moto x from RW to the forum listing?
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    Moto X is here. 299 off contract with sprint 4g LTE for 40 bucks a month. I would rather have a Nexus 5 on their network though. Still this is a great deal, and great phone. I just might make the switch. Has anyone ever bought a phone from them, and returned it? I...
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    New android version: Kit Kat lol

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    LG Optimus L9 vs/or LG Spirit 4G

    I've looked at other threads talking about this subject, but I just want to be clear on this question I have. Will the Spirit continue to work after 2015? I'm trying to help my uncle buy a new phone, and I would like to know which one everyone else would pick. I want this to be a phone he can...
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    Root Stuck on the Samsung screen.

    Ok, my brother gave me his phone that's stuck at the Samsung screen. It just stays there and does nothing. So I decided to try to flash the stock rom with Odin. Everything went through, but its still stuck at the Samsung screen. I can get it in download mode, but can't get it to go to recovery...
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    Good news for Photon Q owners or people thinking of buying it. Motorola says, the phone will get the Jellybean update although, no specific date has been set. Just thought I'd spread the word here. The S4 will love JB for sure. ;)
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    Cspire wireless just released the Photon Q 4G LTE

    Title says it. Looks great, just thought I'd spread the word. I wont be getting the phone but my girl will I'm holding out for the GS3:D
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    Root Can someone upload the stock Ruu to get back to stock?

    The link in the sticky up top is dead. TIA.
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    Root Fresh Jelly Bean Ports. Thought you guys and gals would like to see this.

    Looks like things have been busy over at Xda. Fresh Jelly Bean Ports Arrive on the HTC EVO 3D – xda-developers :D
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    Root Has anyone tested mac kernel on a sense rom?

    Was reading on xda that macs kernel breaks mms on some sense roms. Has anyone tried running this kernel on a sense rom and does it break or not break it on certain ones? Any input is great tia!
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    Beats skin & other skins

    This is from xda, it works fully and no doubled up icons in the status bar. I tested it on Harmonia, Midnight, and Ultramatrix and it works fine. Also no root needed, as its just a skin. Just download the apk and install. Go to settings/personalize/display/skin, chose it and enjoy. [SENSE...
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    Help Cracked screen :(

    So, I was looking for just the glass part but looks like they only sell the part as a whole unit. The digitizer is fine and so is the lcd cause the phone still works fine and other than the top layer being cracked and the lcd isn't bleeding etc;). Only the glass broke and when I say broke its...
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    New keyboard is SWEET!

    Siine Keyboard Tutorial - YouTube Love it!
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    Root Stuck in a boot loop not cwm boot loop.

    That's weird this works for some and not others. Hmm.. Are you using a custom kernel with zvd? Well that was posting in the other thread but I need to have my phone working by tonight. So i tried...
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    Root [Request] Aokp Rom

    Any hope? I know PG has his plate full as of right now just wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone else was interested in this as well.:D
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    Root Plugging in the HDMI makes me lose data.

    Ok, so here is the problem I am having. When I plug in the HDMI cable to the phone it starts up the connection with the tv. But, once I see my phone on the tv screen the data drops. By that I mean nothing, not even 1x. The bars on the phone are just grey. So at first I thought it was the kernel...
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    Hybrid case with kickstand. Big mistake....

    So, I just got this case and it is sooooo cheap. It doesn't even have a hole for the led notification light. It is going right back and I am buying my Trident kraken 2 case back only this time I am going to get the black one cause the lighter color cases get dirty way too easy. But, that case is...
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    I love the size of the phone. Samsung Galaxy Note Review - YouTube If only metro would get a phone this size I would buy it in a heart beat!
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    Chrome beta for ics

    This is available for all ics devices looks very fast. I have it running on my hd2 and it is sweet. Here's a video. Chrome Beta for Android has Amazing Tab Management - YouTube
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    Root [Bounty] I.C.S. Lets get it going!!!!

    Ok, this thread is to get I.C.S going as soon as possible and reward the Dev/Dev's that make it possible. Who ever gets Cm9/ ics going will get the full bounty and they will decide how the money gets split. Must be working fully and stable. Terms = fully working rom. gpl compliant...
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    ICS not coming until April?!?!?

    ICS expected by April now? - xda-developers This was posted over at xda...:(
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    How hard would it be to take a sprint echo...

    And use it on boost? Has this been done?
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    My review on the LG Esteem what do you think?

    Ok, So I have had this phone sense Oct. 1st. I can say I love it way more than the Motorola Triumph for sure. Not that the MT is a bad phone cause the only problem I had with the MT was light leaking. Battery life is not great with any android device I have owned, but I can say the LG Esteem has...