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  1. TheOneGuy

    Forum Dedicated to Facebook How-To and Usage Discussion?

    Hello. Can't find community discussing the usage of Facebook, privacy and how to navigate its ever changing waters. Who knows of such community?
  2. TheOneGuy

    Help Image Dimensions Information App with Overlay?

    Hello. I am looking for a way to know dimensions of images in browsers like Android Chrome, Samsung Internet. Is it possible with certain app through share function so information appears over the top or at least with certain plugin for Samsung Internet? Thanks
  3. TheOneGuy

    Help Cannot Restore WhatsApp from Local Backup

    Hello. I am migrating Whatsapp to a new phone with Android 11 from an old phone with Android 8. Followed steps outlined here: Long story short: - Online backup is messed up - Didn't backup app's data folder in...
  4. TheOneGuy

    Help Google Chrome Synchronization

    I am using same Google account for Chrome on desktop and Android. On desktop I have synchronization enabled but I have it disabled because I have different bookmarks and open tabs on both devices. I suspect that enabling sync on Android will overwrite my bookmarks and tabs on desktop. Is...
  5. TheOneGuy

    Help Invalid Dynamic Link Error in Google Maps

    Hello, After getting link to share my location with other person it doesn't work and I get error.
  6. TheOneGuy

    Call settings help

    I don't have any options and additional options. What Android version is your reply for? 2.3.5 is mine. Mod Note: This user is looking for Caller ID help. Either through the phone's software or an app. Any help is appreciated.
  7. TheOneGuy

    How To Set Winamp As Default System Music Player For Headset?

    I want to set default action for pressing a button on my ZAGGsmartbuds to play music with Winamp. Tried "Open With" with Explorer app - didn't help even that Winamp was set as default. Tried clearing cache and data in stock music player - didn't help. Is there another way? I don't want to root...
  8. TheOneGuy

    Redirecting Unknown Calls To 3rd Party Customized Voicemail And PID/Password Implementation?

    Guys, i would like to redirect unknown calls to 3rd party voicemail service which allows upload of customized greetings. So if i get unknown call and still want to know who is calling, i can just redirect call to 3rd party voicemail service with customized greeting asking caller to identify...
  9. TheOneGuy

    Help What Is My Recovery Mod? Should I Backup First?

    This is my recovery screen: What mod is this and what version? I don't see any "Advanced" options to clear Dalvik's cache. I want to clear Dalvik's cache but saw threads about smartphones refusing to boot after that. Should i ROOT my smartphone and do Titanium Backup first? Should i...
  10. TheOneGuy

    Android Customized Audio Answer To Unknown Calls?

    I want to know if it is possible to do the following: 1. When "Unknown" calls, after a few seconds audio recording starts and asks caller to recall but with identified number this time. Otherwise there is no other way to reach recipient. 2. When not answering for a long time, audio...
  11. TheOneGuy

    Root Is There Another Android Video Recorder/Codec?

    Other than stock recorder or codec, can i use something else? I don't like .3GP format and more prefer .MP4, .AVI, MKV with h262 codec.
  12. TheOneGuy

    Help Why Night Shooting Sucks?

    At night i often get bad quality when shooting. No matter what resolution. However with flash quality gets better. Without flash you can see distorted picture. See this album Upper picture is with flash and below picture is without flash. Is this with all Android based devices or with...
  13. TheOneGuy

    Help Camera Loses Focus When Shooting In Macro

    I have noticed that sometimes camera loses focus when shooting closely. It is hard to do close shot and takes several tries and different angles. I can see that auto-focus is precise but it fails to lock and gets blurry. Why would it return to be blurry if auto-focus is right? If there was a...
  14. TheOneGuy

    How To Assign Automatic Answer To "Unknown" Blocked Incoming Calls?

    I don't like when people call from "Unknown" number, therefore i want to auto answer such calls with message. How do i do that in Android 2.3.3? Cheers!
  15. TheOneGuy

    Android Music Player That Supports Earphones With Music Control?

    Are there other apps than bundled music player that allow control over music like: rewind, forward, next song, previous song etc.? I have Skullcandy 50/50 and ZAGGsmartbuds. With bundled app i can only pause and play.
  16. TheOneGuy

    Application For Setting Plans In Android System?

    I was curious to know what "Best Wi-Fi Performance" option means in Android and here i received explanation. What i would like is to set a custom Wi-Fi plan. So when i access app that relies heavily on internet connection, i could easily customize Wi-Fi plan for it. Like Skype application...
  17. TheOneGuy

    Help Why Certain Cases Of Case Mate And Otterbox Degrade Wi-Fi Signal?

    I ordered Case Mate Tough for my smartphone and signal degrades by 5 to 10 dBm (2 bars) when in this case. Many people reported such problem and what is interesting, it does not happen with every HTC smartphone. One person reported that the smartphones this happens with have software or...
  18. TheOneGuy

    Help Received Clarivue Ultra-Clear Scratched

    I internationally ordered screen protector and received it scratched although package was new and unopened. Is this normal?
  19. TheOneGuy

    Help Can Camera Quality Be Improved?

    Hello guys, i am coming from this post. Can same thing be done with HTC Desire S?
  20. TheOneGuy

    Which Non-Genuine Batteries Are Good?

    I saw quite cheap batteries on eBay here. What cought my attention were the following brands: Droid, Andida, Yoobao. Also what do you think of micro portable back-up batteries? Should i buy portable back-up batteries or just auxiliary batteries? I need something safe and reliabe that would...