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  1. Ethan_the_axolotl

    Help superSU problem

    Hi I rooted my device with superSU but first time i did this my wifi did not work then second time i did this my wifi did work but my bluetooth does not I did this to a j3 emerge what can i do to fix this but still have my device rooted
  2. Ethan_the_axolotl

    Help question about a laptop

    hi I have a dell inspiron 13 that is broken (the main mobo got a bit smokey)but would it be worth selling parts from it as everything works on on besides the mobo but my other question would be where would i be able to sell the parts from it
  3. Ethan_the_axolotl

    Help looking for something for a game

    hi Im trying to find a wiremod pc (not the one named ALX Wiremod E2 PC) its not that easy to find one that works for what you want it to do If you could help me find one Id much appreciate it.
  4. Ethan_the_axolotl

    Help trying to find more info on this charger

    hi I've got a nitecore ums2 but only info I can find is on the site for the item the info I'm now trying to find is why it installs a device to your pc and Is it able to be recoded to do what you want
  5. Ethan_the_axolotl

    my sad pc specs

    I have a zotac zbox id18 cpu:celeron 1007u dual core 1.5 GHz ram:ddr3 8 gb (4 gb x 2) storage: 500gb hdd (soon to be 1 terabyte hdd or ill get a ssd if I can afford one : P) keyboard: razer chroma ornata mouse: steelseries rival 3 displays: a generic tv (Insignia NS-24E340A13) and generic...
  6. Ethan_the_axolotl

    Help dell Inspiron 13 5379 2-in-1 has died on me

    Hi I was working on a dell Inspiron 13 5379 2-in-1 but I had it sitting out for a bit (it was on my desk) but at around 3:38 am it got a bit smokey don't know how but its dead however are the parts worth anything as they are in good condition and seem to still work just the main mobo is bad (it...
  7. Ethan_the_axolotl

    Help might I have a bad tv mainboard or power supply board

    hi i have a rca sld40a45rq 40 inch full hd tv it will only stay on for a few mins then shut off I cant open the menu as it will freeze and shut off (this tv does not have a warranty anymore and yes I'll never buy rca again) but I can bypass some of this problem by connecting it to my pc via hdmi...
  8. Ethan_the_axolotl

    Help unlocking sim

    how would I unlock my sim card on my j3 emerge I do have it rooted and what not It is a boost mobile phone any idea?
  9. Ethan_the_axolotl

    Root rooting a hot pepper vle5 anything helps

    any idea on how I could do this I already know that there is no advantage of doing this but I still wanna try and root it what could I use to do this (I don't use this phone anymore so that's why I wanna root it well kinda) also I know it would be best to use pc software as you cant root it...